Trade Publications

[COLOR=Blue][B]Hey Chris, would a “Training” thread be useful on this forum?[/B]

My question is can someone list all the window cleaning and power washing publications that are available?

I just ordered AWC magazine. I don’t belong to the IWCA but do they have a mag available?

I would be interested in knowing what you read and do you pass them along to your employees?

Thanks for the help!


Here ya go Steve… a nice new section.

I get

Cleaner times (Powerwashing)
Contractor Profits (janitorial)

Other Business Mags I get

Business Week
Fast Company

The Professional Window Cleaner Magazine.

I get American Window Cleaner mag. I’ve seen the IWCA’s mag but for me I love AWC.

There is also Professional Window Cleaner from the UK. Its pretty good they will send you a free issue if you inquire.

Thanks for the heads up Chris! I just requested my sample copy.