Trade Window Cleaning Links

Hey I am looking for window washers who have a website and want to trade links for Search Engine Optimization. I know that there are some of you out there who don’t believe this works so to silence those doubters I can only say that I worked as a graphic designer making website sites for 4 years and if you type in “San Marcos CA Window washing” for example, you’ll notice that I come up on the first page of Google in a very competitive area of San Diego County CA. I just posted my site to the internet a little over a week ago. So for you believers out there who know what I am talking about who would like to trade links, contact me here or at

I’d love to swap links. Don’t know what’s involved but if it helps my ranking then I’m all for it.

In order to trade links you will have to know how to add code to your website or have a webmaster who does that sort of thing for you. If you do then we can certainly trade links. Did you make your website? Or do you have someone who maintains it for you?

Let me know.

I’m using a sitebuiding template from Yahoo. Not sure how to do the link thing.

Hmm, I have never used yahoo website builder but there might be a icon on there like they have on this site. “The planet with the chain link”. Where you type in a word and then select it with you mouse and then click the link icon, you then type in the url like for example and get this for example “window washer

OK I think I’ve been doing this on my resources page. I have the WCR shop in their and Karl’s blog and the WCR forum. I’ll start a header for wcers and put yours in there.

OK I have Squeaky and Chris on my site. Anyone else? Just put your site address on this thread and I’ll add it to mine.
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I should have the links page on my site together in a few days, and will place yours there.

Thanks Tony

Ay Tony,
could you add mine as well?

Tite: Window Cleaning San Diego

Thanks mang

That’s 2 more down. C’mon guys I need more. How about you guys in Canada?

Hey Tony, I’ve got you all set up on my site. Beautiful View - link

Here’s mine.

I only have a crap page up right now to hold a place for my new one. I almost have it finished! I’m feaking excited! New page same address.

Hey Tony.

your site has not been index yet by google, so you should work on your content.

Tony, have you submitted your site to Google yet?

Anyone wanting to add my web link to there site are welcome. Once you add mine email me your link and I will add it to mine.

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We Have A Spotless Reputation.

Mark, Scott, and Sean you guys are on the resources page of
Oh and yes Mark I did register w/ Google.

Tony & Mike… I have you both listed.

Anyone else want to swap links?

Hey mike,

Ive received acouple e-mails from you and Im not sure how to do this either. Also do you know anything about meta tags and adding them into a site set up with

Here ya go Tony