How do you stop the small trail of water from the squeege end? No matter how I pull, overlap or move I seem to leave a small trail of water that spots.

The leading edge always needs to be on top. Google the term fanning.

This is going to be one of those threads where everyone looks - & go "oh no, how do I explain - it could be one of so many things!"
You really need practise & lots of it. Perhaps you could go to the welcome area with your name & post where you live - I’m sure so one local will help you out & show you what you’re doing wrong.

without knowing your technique, this is what I have a feeling the problem is…
when pulling the squeegee across the glass in this direction --> make sure your squeegee is angled like this /, not like this | or
hope this makes sense, and helps.

In what condition is the rubber?

I would have to question the rubber too. When the rubbers’ edge becomes dull and rounded, all kinds of things happen. Flip your rubber over for starters or put a new piece in instead. Even a slightly bent channel can wreak havoc! The term we use for getting a trail is what we call getting “tip lines”.


If your talking about poleing. When pulling down angle the squeegee toward the edge of the glass. Water flows upwards instead of down. Hope this helps.

Check out the picture i attached.

yeah, that’s one of the first things to look at.
the person who started me in this business years ago told me “if you take good care of your rubber it can last almost a year” HAHAHAHA!!! NOT…as you can tell this guy was old old school

Really, depending on how much you do and the climate and blah blah blah and a million variables, rubber lasts me 1.5-2 days and that’s pushing it some times.

REMEMBER, just make love to the glass by caressing it gently with your rubber! :eek:

DAMN! I wish I had that much work. One day.

Hmmmm … lol I tried caressing it gently, but it seems as if my glass prefers an aggressive woman.
Just out of curiosity, about how many windows would that be in 1.5 - 2 days?
What is the general life span of a blade, in terms of use?

Joie - N. CA

That question depends on the person using the blade, temp, the type of blade ( hard, med, or soft) and the technique as well.

I change mine about every week, where some people change every day. Just by training new washers the lighter you are with the squeegee the longer the rubber is going to last. same with the quality of the rubber. I use ettore but there are other brands and I won’t name names but they flat out suck! I could not get 20 windows out of them before I had to change. There is also a big difference between fanning and a strait pull. so I guess how long you make them last all depends on you. hopefully that was the answer you were looking for. If not I bet it could spark a few more questions lol

I can get about 20 residentials out of one 14" squeegee blade typically (40 hour week). Then again, I have got 1 day out of some. It all depends on your skill and how you take care of your stuff. I believe that using a BOAB increases the life of the rubbers edge versus using a leather style holster. Leather will dull the squeegee rubbers edge if it touchs it often (pulling your squeegee in and out of a leather holster all day long). Most people are using a boab now unless you are old school.


I think it is how much pressure you are putting on the forward most moving part of the SQUEEGE… Maybe put a little more pressure towards the rear. And if that doesn’t work check your rubber

I must be old school, but I dont holster my squeegee so that the blade drags on the leather I holster handle down not blade down. I get just as long out of a rubber as any thoughts here.

Im referring to the holster similar to what Ettore has. It looks very similiar to a gun holster. What you are referring to is a loop type holster that you put your squeegee handles inside and not the channel.

Thank you all for the feedback. It does give me a general idea of what I should expect out of the life of my blade.

Joie- N. CA

Practice, Then practice some more and then while you are at it practice some more.

Some ppl who have been in this business for awhile forget about the way they were when they first picked up a squeegee. Patience and practice and a good technique are what will get ya thru. Stay after it. Things will get easier. :smiley:

I’m pretty sure you’ll find your blade lasting a lot longer when doing residentials versus storefront work. That’s been my experience.

The gun holster would definately cause more wear to the blade. So wih the loop type does that make me new school? :slight_smile:

This is new school: