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We recently had an audit done by Disney corporation in risk management. I was able to use WCR’s high rise haven’s course as part of the upload requirements, thanks WCR. There were other areas needed that we had to develop via our insurance agents but when it came to the industrial high rise window cleaning proof of training this document came in real handy. Because Hawaii is a flight away from any IRATA or SPRAT courses we have to develop our own in house certification.

Does anyone have any suggestions for rope access certification ?

I’ve been in the hanging work for 25 years and have never gone for the IRATA classes. I know I could learn a lot from them and even though I’ve done 10,000 drops I’d like to look into getting certified and becoming a certified trainer.

Let me know your thoughts lads.

Much mahalos (thanks),


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How many employees do you have that could use training?

Are you wanting to get them certified to SPRAT and/or IRATA specs, or are you wanting to get documented certificates of training to meet OSHA requirements?

Thanks. Right now were just a couple of workers but it changes all the time. I’d like to feel confident knowing that our guys could get the training equivalent of IRATA without the hefty price they charge. Between a competitor and me we have six employees in need of the certs.

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I would suggest reaching out with a phone call. (608) 770-0791. We are Central Standard Time Zone.

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Here is what we are able to provide, and we do offer WCRA discounts.

For the 2 day training session you would leave with a “certificate of training” detailing:

-What you were trained on.
-How much time was spent on the training.
-Who trained you.
-Qualifications of the trainer.

As per OSHA guidelines - this will meet your training requirement as an Authorized User.

Class topic matter would cover:

-Management of Safety Equipment in Industry.

-Define differences and needs for Qualified, Competent, and Authorized Persons.

-Equipment familiarization and inspection for Harnesses, Helmets, Descenders, Fall Arrest Rope Grabs, lanyards and Energy Absorbers, Carabiners, Ropes.

-Fall Factors.

-Personal Fall Protection to include; Fall Restraint, Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, Rope Access.

-Knots to include; Figure if 8 on a bight, Figure of 8 Follow Through, Figure of 9 on a bight, Alpine Butterfly, Double Figure of 8 on a bight, Double Fisherman, and Barrel Knot. When to use each and how much each weakens the rope.


-Job Hazard Analysis & Work Plans.

-Rigging & Rigging Theory.

Hands On:

-properly donning your equipment.

  • Rigging.

-Mitigating Pinch points and how to properly access your Seat Board.

-Standard Work Procedure and Motion.

-Self Rescue.

-Pick off Rescue of an incapacitated worker.

Pricing is listed in the WCRA benefits area. As a member a full 2 day session it would cost $2,400.00 plus travel and lodging.


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^^^^ theses prices reflect 1 - 10 trainees. For 11-20 trainees a second instructor is required and so.

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What if we fly you to Hawaii and have luau? Can you do it for free?

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Lol…You fly me and my better half over, pick up the hotel bill for a week, and I could probably be persuaded.

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G’day, 25 years and 10,000 drops would have to make you competent at the least. Create your own ticket I say.

Some have (tickets and really that’s all they got) some have no ticket and will run rings around the certified.

I’m not 100% sure but" I think you only need to be competent by law unless it is a stipulation in a contract that you need one of those certified over price cards.

Don’t get me wrong I have sent many a men on their way to be certified for different career paths like mines and oil/gas off shore work. I was required to access the work.

It all depends on the job your chasing.

P.s awesome piece of the world you work in. Lucky you.


Well I appreciate that. I do know hands on experience is important but I respect the other side of the spectrum which very well may include less experienced trainers. I respect the need for IdiotProofing our industry. Even tho a lot of guys can do it old school as I’ve done it since 87’ the danger is all to real and it can easily be taken for granted. I’d take an IRATA IdiotProofing course if I didn’t have to fly to Nevada and pay all the expenses.

It’s not a required cert in our state but there are certain brands of clients who are more diligent than others who ask for proof of training. I personally would prefer to pay IRATA to train my crew just to give them any advantages that I didn’t get being trained in house when I started out. That said, I doubt that there would be anything that they teach that I haven’t already done numerous times.

All you have to do us look at the numbers.
How many uncertified WC’s fall from the sky on a yearly basis?
How many SPRAT or IRATA techs?

There are serious advantages in safety, understanding, competence, confidence, and efficiency, from a properly trained team.

I wish it was required here to be certified to SPRAT or IRATA. They are proven systems of mitigating hazards. For us it doesn’t have to be legislated. We take great pride in what we do and the level of professionalism we have been able to attain. We value ourselves and teammates enough to seek out the best training and knowledge that we are able to. I know I want to work amongst the best techs I can, for one day my life may depend on them, or theirs may depend on me.

[MENTION=4818]honoluluwindow[/MENTION] nice. Only two weeks back a couple of young level 1’s where barging about how they don’t think they need to compete their levels. I convinced them it was a sure must as they won’t get far in a big city without them. I go to the training at times, eat lunch and chat about the weather, it’s all good but if your not on the job with a good guardian having the ticket is useless.

Idiot proof is a great one although to many idiots have the idiot proof ticket. I guess you can train them right but you can’t control their actions after training. Let’s the trainers off at least.

All the best



The problem with window cleaners is simply that none of us chose to get into window cleaning because we were good at cleaning the dishes growing up or vacuuming etc. mostly we just didn’t have a job. Then after getting the job we learned how to do crazy dangerous stuff. Then we learned how to get quick at it. You’re right, that process is no comparison to a person that can get hired, be sent off for technical training and come back with a respect for what he is being asked to do.

I had a five story fall back in 2011. I’m lucky to be walking normally. If you need an advocate for safety, I’m available. Maybe cut me a discount :).

I’ve got a family member who is a level two certified rope guy. He has been working on bridges and oil refineries and other structures around the work for about 7 years. I like talking to him as he has a lot of things in common with me in rope work. What he may not realize is that chair work in window cleaning began in Hawaii in the 60’s. I was trained by those first generation high workers. We were the first to use suction cups and the overhang block and tackle methods were Hawaii innovated. There’s a lot of history going back here in high chair work. It’s interesting to see the evolution over the past 15 years.