Training New Guys

For those of you training new guys in window cleaning, gutter cleaning the basic stuff to begin with such as cleaning commercial and residential, no post construction stuff yet how long before you would expect their speed to be the same as yours along with the detail being spot on and not missing any windows, my guys seem slow compared to myself and its been 5 weeks in.

I have never had real employees before so very new to me this. Since they started we have been working an average of 40 hours a week (do not wish to pay overtime unless I have too) mostly window cleaning right with me on every job with them working on their cleaning method and speed etc but almost 6 weeks in and they are still at half my speed and I’m 20 years older than them.

Is it fair after 5 weeks to expect them to be able to keep up with me? Also one of the guys is constantly missing the odd window inside which so far I have been lucky to notice and on occasions he has too and the other guy just seems very lacked in terms of learning about our services, our minimum prices on different services such as pressure washing, roof cleaning, residential cleaning etc

How long do you tend to give your guys or girls with you personally training them on the jobs themselves in terms of their speed and detail work, thanks.

I understand you’re 20 years older than them… but tell me how long have you been at this, again?

I have done this for 27 years window cleaning but never had to really train anyone until now, yes on occasions I would have help, mostly from a family friend here on my wife side but I am 48 in May and these guys are 21 and 29 and easily half the speed I am at 5 weeks into it and missing window etc

I obviously have the experience myself to do different jobs but teaching everything to someone else is totally new to me, especially as I now need these guys after 3 months to be able to at least be able to do a house in the same amount of time me and another guy could it. I need to focus on other aspects of the business as I am adding 2 more different services down the road and need more time to focus on advertising and marketing, estimates, websites etc

I just need to kind of know what should I be expecting from these guys 5-6 weeks into the job should they know all our minimum prices for services, be awesome at window cleaning, not be missing ANY windows inside peoples homes etc


I think it’s unreasonable to expect them to be at your 27 years of experience level after 5 weeks.

Give them the specifics of what they can do to go faster.

They should not be missing any windows, but if they are, that’s because they haven’t been taught a good system to avoid that.

If you want them to know your minimum prices, write them down and pass them around.

Lets go back to when you first started, was your speed at your first five weeks the same as it is today ?

Mine isn’t I’ve cut out move and refined technique over my 31 years so theres no way I can expect
anyone to be at my level in just five weeks unless they’re a Phenom !

Speed comes with time and experience, I rather have them moving at a beginners slow pace and
learning then trying to speed through and leaving slop and a mess ! Speed will come with time, is what
I tell beginners (ROOKIES) !

I don’t expect a Journeymens level in five weeks and at 27 years you should be at a Journeymens level.
High expectations can lead to distress and and mistakes

Give them the time they need, each is different, and in that time you’ll be able to weed them out or see an
explosion in ability due to training ! Your the trainer so be willing to get through the training time.

Dangerous Dave


Micheal is only 23…By his discourse he shows himself to be a PHENOM ! Very wise at 23…



I was going home frustrated with my window cleaning skills for about 6 months. Just when I thought I was getting fast another team member would work wih me and “blow me away”. Now I consider myself a Class A, 110% professional, one of the best in the business!! Ofcourse this is 6 years later. Moral: Patience is key. You will know if they are a bad employee, and not by their skills as a wc, but by their attitudes, attention to detail, motivation, etc. If they are putting in their very best attempt to learn, what else can you ask for? Good luck :slight_smile:

Okay I take your point and understand however in regards to missing windows i have trained them well in those area to work around the home checking behind every door for a window etc

However in terms of speed if I can do a house by myself in 3 hours I still wouldn’t expect 2 of these guys to take 4 hours half my age!

My concern is this though what when sending out your new guys do you expect to make in a day from residential on average because if they are slow and going at the rate they are right now I won’t be able to put anything in for the day worth more than $500-$900

I just need to focus on their speed and detail more I guess and be testing them on our services a lot more so as to drill into them the knowledge they need if someone comes up to them and asks questions.

Small jobs which take me by myself 2 hours I don’t expect to have to babysit them for while on the job although I’m still around but speed wise I’m almost positive I was quicker than these guys are when I started with my friend years ago, not working to the truck like your a zombie or wiping the squeegee with a rag like your in slow motion etc

I think I have done well so far with training them regarding certain aspects but still need to instill in them what it is to make money in this game while also doing an awesome job. Obviously going from all this being second nature to me and having to show someone else every little thing we do is way more difficult than I thought it was going to be at first.

Amen to that…

That’s why you carry the name ADVANCED, right !

David Gutierrez / Advanced Window Cleaning Service, Seattle Washington


Well one reason could be how you are paying them. I noticed a HUGE change bewteen hourly pay and comission.

You also have the energy of a owner. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone that works harder then the boss.

Just as a comparison, my son has been driving for about 4 months, he’s no where near bring called an experienced driver. It’s going to take time, patients and advice from me to bring him to the next level.

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I hope not too many. Tell him not to drive on the sidewalk.

So how long before any of you trust sending out your newbies to do a job by themselves and on an average size size house?

I’ve been fortunate, I worked for years with seasoned journeyman. I was never on my own. But here’s my comment:
I think your question can only be answered by you. You know your employees best. If you don’t, you need to right? I mean you hired them. Some guys pick up the skills fast and with a good head on the shoulders, they’re ready to go in a few weeks. Some are…well…not the sharpest crayon on the box. So they need more training or even constant supervision. If you have multiple services I would expect new employees to train even longer to be proficient.
Another thing, I think speed is highly over rated. Over time, a window cleaner will find his or her own groove. Fluidness and consistency is what I value.
Really five weeks isnt that long at all.

I would say a couple months before i’d send someone on their own.

Or lack of eyesight.

Honestly you will be the only person capable of knowing. Watch them and see what they are capable of.


Josh/ JET CITY is saying it with great understanding…Sounds like he’s a " SON OF ETTORE" !


Sounds like Buddy has his ducks in a row also !!