Treks Deck - Best way to clean - pics inside

Tips tricks working with treks?

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I would use a pressure washer myself, but armor all makes a deck cleaner you can spray on and wash off that works good. you can find it at lumber yards.

Never did one of those, and I rather stay away from wood ( this is not wood, I know) but sees to me like a regular house wash mix would work just fine.
SH and soap (simple cherry is great) downstream it, let it dwell and rinse, reapply if needed.

But wait for someone more experienced to give you better advice before you do anything to that deck.

Yea, you can X-jet it at a little higher strength than your housewash mix and it’ll take care of it. DON’T use any pressure or you can damage it. Also, make sure you rinse it well since it has metal fasteners that can rust if the bleach hangs around.

Composite decks usually need to be cleaned about twice a year around here. There are more eco-friendly cleaners that claim they work better than bleach but they require hours of scrubbing with a deck brush to get decent results. Just cover it with SH and soap, let it dwell for a few minutes, and rinse well.

Most customers who buy composite decks do so because they were told they were less maintenance than wood decks. Marketing lies, they are. A lot of them are facing lawsuits for those lies.

+1 just without the x-jet.

Yeah go ahead an apply high preasure to it. When you blast off the coating you can come back and ask how to fix it.

Bleach, lots of it. 5 gallon bucket mix 2 gals bleach to 3 gals of water and some soap like simple green. Use a deck brush.

Will the generic dollar store bleach be sufficient?

Go to a pool store and buy pool whitener (shock). It should be 12.5% or even 10% sodium hypochlorite (Bleach). Use 3 gallon of bleach and 2 gallons of water. Soak all the plants with water really good the soak the deck with your mix. Let id dwel for about 10-15. Rinse well!

PS. Not deck brush will be need ot this proess is done right. Let the chemical do the work!

Should this be applied through my pressure washer or just by hand and rinse with a garden hose?

And ultimately - what is ball park estimate?

I do a ton of Decks. Dont use 12% or any bleach on this. Go to and ask for Tracy, (it is a man), and tell him you have a composite deck and you need to order some safewash. The stuff works great.

Spray it on with a pump sprayer, let it dwell for about 5 minutes, (without drying, in other words keep wetting it), then use your black tip from your pressure washer and go straight down each board to wash it off, give it a really good rinse. Charge betwen .65 to .95 cents per linear foot.


Charlie Laurie
A-1 Window Washers

Pressure Washer A 1500psi power washer may be used on Transcend™ shell surface to remove dirt and debris. Use a fan tip at least 4" away from the shell when using a power washer.

This is from cleaning guide

Yeah thanks bill, I did read that earlier.

I talked two Bob and Tracy - two different approaches - one with bleach one with all natural - ill first try the cheap solution and if that doesnt work ill hit up the next thing on my list

I am excited to try me new and improved downstreaming setup!

Bob is the man. I never talked with Tracy but I have heard good thing about him too. Congrat on the Downsreamimg set-up. You will love it. Just remember, Let the chemical do the work. Im a hyper guy and I can’t stand waiting but I have for that if I wait I get done faster.:smiley:

Yeah Bob is definatly a man, ha this is the third time I have talked to him - and i guess the 3rd time is the charm. He definitely helped me a lot today.

As for my downstream - I am super excited to see how much time I save now - too bad i dont have a house wash till 3 weeks!!!

But ill let you know how it goes

Maybe even a video??:smiley:

Ha - ill see what i can do. nothing like watching a beginner making a professional fool of himself.

Ill brush the dust off my tripod and see what i can catch on tape.