Tri Fold Brochure- rip it up fellas, what do you think?

Putting the finishing touch’s before I put this to print and wanted to see what you guys thought about this before I print it out. I got thick skin, lay into it.


Is it common to tell your client THEY are fully covered and insured? Doesn’t sound right to me.

-I still don’t think it’s a good idea to offer “Don’t pay a dime” especially to commercial.

-If this is going to commercial (property managers) I might like to see a better window cleaning pic. The one you got looks like an old storm to me.

-I don’t think I would say “We only buy the most expensive equipment”

BUT… I absolutely LOVE the colour lay out. The different shades of blue, background and lettering… nice. The front page is stunning in my opinion. I like the pictures (except for the window cleaning one). I like those pics that Tony has, you know the one where he’s using a wfp on a 5th storey window?

I did think when I read “Tired of baby sitting your window cleaning company” I looked over at you walking with your guys. My first thought were you were baby sitting them, lol.

Great Tory, glad I don’t do commercial wc. Lets do lunch soon though, if you’re Poway or North of it this coming week, call me lunch is on me. Of course theres a catch, but I think you’ll like the “catch” more than whatever you choose for lunch.

Great looking piece too. look over again for sp errors, thats my weakness too.

Maybe that is a proper spelling and I’m just not used to it.


  1. A formal pledge to pay another person’s debt or to perform another person’s obligation in the case of default.
  2. A thing serving as security for a such a pledge.

Good catch…no that is an error…
Mike, you mean the photo of the wfp on the frenchies? Yeah, you are right…I will change that up. I need a good photo of a carbon fiber on some commercial glass, but what I have just wont do.

Doug, I may be doing a demo for a property manager near poway on Wednesday, but its tentative right now. Shoot, if its on you I’m game. I will call you up…well, you better call me on Monday, I know your butt don’t get up till like 10. Call me as soon as you wake up.

Anybody else with some critique?

I just checked for a wfp on commercial at IStockphoto. I saw your frenchie pic there but I didn’t see a good wfp pic at all.

This caught my attention though:p

You could use it for a residential flyer :smiley:

As Tony if he has any you could use. I’m not sure if it was a pic or a video but he had something that was close to what you would want.

Cool thanks. Yeah, I bought that photo from istock…

I agree w/ Mike (I was as shocked as Mike probably is right now :slight_smile: ) about the phrase - “only the most expensive equipment used”. I’d change it to - “only the highest quality equipment used”.
I do like the pic of the Gardiner on that window as it shows the quality of the equipment you use. However if you’d like something where a higher building is pictured you are welcome to anything of mine you want. The highest I have a pic for is 4 stories but it’s with my Tucker.

Thanks Tony. I will change the wording on that right away. I have plenty of photos with my guys and Tuckers, and other poles, but nothing that shows how nice it looks up close. Thats what I was going for. I will have to take some pictures of what I want…Thanks Tony…anything else catch your eye?

ThoreSG1, what resolution do you buy for the back grounds? I was going to buy some too. I have credits there but the prices start getting steep, I was told to buy the highest resolution I can but that was for photos, maybe in backgrounds it doesn’t matter because they are rastor images? I haven’t looked for backgrounds since Halloween, I kinda forget.

(SG1? Star Gate? lol)

I’m not sure about back grounds, you mean for the rest of the brochure? I did not buy that…I just buy photos from them.

I look for templates I can play with on the internet and tweek em.
(Stargate, my all time favorite Google “Thor Stargate” lol)

You can buy backgrounds, some of them are very sophisticated like the one on your flyer. It looks simple but I can’t even imagine how to create it.

I almost bought this one for a background for a Halloween flyer for windows and yard clean ups. I was going to have one of the pumpkins or the cat say, “These prices are Spooky” LOL, I need help:D Thank god I ran out of time and didn’t do it.

Your crew pictures are so effective… I love it!
The first one reminds me of Reservoir Dogs… getting ready to get some sh*t DONE!

And the second is very friendly and welcoming.

I would put you contact info at the bottom on the front and few other places so they dont have to search for it. I would definatley put an offer for them to act on. “Call now and recive a FREE no hassel estimate” See how much we can save you

Thanks…I should also say, this is something I was planning on handing to the person I meet when I walk the property with them. They would be getting an estimate by email anyway.

Hi Tory,

I don’t know if it would suit you, but we are currently working on a big commerical 3 story, new construction project and are using Gardiner poles, SLX 35 and SL 56’ . We are planning to take some good quality photos probably@ the end of next week. Again, I don’t know if it would suit your needs. But it is sounding to me like you are looking for pics and they don’t have to be original to you. These would probably be more ‘real’ than I stock. If you were at all interested, I could keep it in mind when taking the photos. I would even trim my beard a bit, or they could be from the back with no face.

Thanks man. That would be awesome.

Tory, I like the positive message and the risk reversal.
You did misspell finish by the way.

A $100 house maybe, but a $5000 commercial job? Really?:o

Did someone ask for a smack-down? :wink:

Who is this brochure going to?