Tricks and tips, part 1


You always have a pleasant demeanor, Chris. :slight_smile:

  • I like that.

And by the way, the first about 3 seconds of the video are gorgeous, scenery-wise.
Sometimes I forget to look around this time of year, while I’m working.

The Fall color changes are so ‘pretty’
…while at the same time kind of ‘depressing.’

That’s actually a pretty good tip. But, instead of a knot, couldn’t you wrap the towel around the window handle thingy on the inside in case the window falls down? A lot of my windows slam down and will not stay up.

Then there are also those windows that automatically lock when you shut them and one of my helpers locked himself out.

Here in Detroit, we just “smash the glass” if we get locked out.

  • or if we’re breaking into your house
  • or stealing your car
  • or in the act of arson


Great tip! i usually just try to jam my fingers under the window and pull up, but then my freshly manicured nails get all busted.

Learn something new everyday. Good stuff !!!

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Thanks for the tip , I really hate jumping out of windows . My water in my boab always spills

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Put your boab out the window first, and step out on that side first… no spills :cool:

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I’ve been cleaning windows a long time so I thought DUH, what kind of tip is that, don’t put up ladders and climb out the window. But with age comes a little patience or it’s supposed to and I’m trying to listen more before speaking &I’m glad I did , That’s a great tip. I’ve actually squished my finger under windows so I wouldn’t have to make phone calls, which is what led to the squishing of fingers lol.

Very good idea, Chris. I have always just left a tiny gap and forced my towel up the the top of the lower sash.