Tried GG3&GG4

Mixed them today 50/50 and wow!!! Loved it, amazing slip and very little detailing…

Never found the right mix so really never used it a lot. Remember what your water was, gallon with how much slip?

I mix 50/50 1 part each per gallon. So 3 gallons has 3/4oz of gg3 and gg4 or whatever slip I use

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I like trying different mixes. What feels good on half the windows feels weird on the other half so usually have a few batches mixed. I always forget to write down the mix. Sometimes on the fly. When it works great I try to remember the mix I made. Think I will make my 3 base mixes, measured and written down and go from there.
Forgot to ash but you ever used GG3 .and glass felt tacky? I did an outside Valero gas station that had film applied. At the time wasn’t sure if it was the residue left from the film or if the 3 was messing it up. Made tint formulated but was an ut oh moment.

That is a great point Jack. The glass can be radically different. Some seams very sticky and other glass super smooth. I have one job where I can’t even detail the edge with a towel at all. Must do it perfect the first time with a brand new rubber. When I try to wipe it leaves terrible streaks. Have tried different solutions. Doesn’t matter. So I just do a perfect job, get paid, and walk away.

reading all the others posts I felt like I was the only one. Like what am I doing wrong? Others I am speed racer with no detailing but bottom, if that.
My 3 bases are . Preference of use in this order:

  1. Ammonia-non sudsy type
  2. Ecover or BioKleen (soap)
  3. GG4
    If need slip only I add some Winsol Super Slip. Maybe a cupful per spray bottle or squeeze bottle. If need a bit of help add the Ecover to 1 & 3. Might try the 3&4 again. Didn’t notice a difference before.
  4. mix is for spots but there is a water phosphoric acid mix or the citric acid and vinegar (9% or greater strength.) Been able to use the acids full solution and doesn’t etch or burn.
    Tried a bit of TSP but the residue was a bit much like later on frames when dried. Even a drip in a crack will leave a white residue. Not good on brn frames. Use it for hard cleans only where I will be rinsing, not blading