Tried the Unger Soap Dispenser?

I was thinking about using this next year if I incorporate residential pressure washing into my business. I like the idea of upselling the scrubbing of their siding to agitate the dirt before pressure washing. I’ll liken it to the difference between and touchless carwash and a handwash. Of course they can opt for the basic washing, but…

It claims no need to refill for 3 hours at a “dialed” low flow range. In my experience, its usually all gone in ten minutes with pressure washers.

Brennon, pre-agitation is completely unecessary with proper techniques and equipment.
Bob at Pressure Tek can get you up to speed quickly and cheaply.
Tell him that the Pressure Tek Pony paid you a visit and told you to call.

Also, I know that there is a PW forum here, but it wouldn’t hurt to check out PT State . I guess I like this forum over the other window cleaning forums because it reminds me of PT State- laid back, small group, good info.

It’s much easier (on your back and wallet) to upsell SoftWashing than it is to scrub the whole house.

As I looked closely at the ad I realize the dispenser is for WFP not pressure washing. I don’t know that it would work at all for PW so you may need to check on that. Plus w/ all the benefits of pure water I don’t see the need to add soap to the windows. It would just require a longer rinse.

Soap is only required at beach front homes in so-cal… so-cal just for my area

Have any of you guys smelled that Unger soap? It smells terrible; like an old man who just took a bath in aftershave. If you haven’t smelled it, the next time you’re in Home Depot, go to the cleaning aisle and check it out. I didn’t work all that well either.

As for pressure washing, I downstream. I very rarely need a brush, and never for the entire house.

I was going to run the soap thru my WFP and scrub the siding and then powerwash. I’ve seen it done and with great results.

Thad…Thanks for the website. I’ll check it out.

Do that.
Better yet, got onto PT State and ask what’s the best soap for scrubbing siding.
You’ll get a lot of info real quick.

They’re all good guys and have a lot of fun.

Gotcha! If that’s the case make sure you get a spare brush just for those jobs.

Yeah…I want Shawn to make me up one that is really stiff.

I’m glad that my idea is understood and not off base.

Brennon, why would you want to brush the house if you didn’t have too?

Is one of your customers insisting that the entire house be brushed?