Triumph Angled 5" Scraper


I don’t mean to seem to picky but I think you are talking about the Triumph MK-3 angled scraper and it’s 6" not 5". Also scrapers don’t scratch glass no matter how sharp they are or are not. I do agree though the MK-3 angled is the greatest scraper around IMO.

Is he talking about the old Ettore Champion. It was discontinued and Triumph makes it now. The blade not the handle is set at an angle. I like it on residential jobs. It’s smaller than a 6" and therefore easier to work with in tight spaces, like cut ups.

I used to have one of the angled ones but it fell apart. I never tried it on a pole but last time I had to scrape some stubborn bird dirt I was wondering if a angled one would do better, I think it would put the blade at a better angle to the glass. The straight ones don’t seem too effective. I’ll be ordering one sometime.

Is unger making an ergotec angled scraper, that would be ideal since it would lock into my pole.

[QUOTE=mistersqueegee;25568 scrapers don’t scratch glass no matter how sharp they are or are not[/QUOTE]

Are you forgetting about temperd glass?

No I’m not. Remember scrapers don’t scratch glass, fabricating debris does. If the window isn’t defective (due to FD) then no scratches!:wink:

Not that I know of. That would be smart of them to do so. Next time I speak to a rep I could bring that up. Unger is the best! They actually take feedback and put it into effect.

The old-style angled 4" Unger ErgoTec does lock on to ErgoTec locking cones, but that is not the angle we seek…

BTW, Triumph scrapers have always felt very secure on Unger cones to me, though I too would prefer that they lock at height.



I have the MK-3 angled and I wouldn’t use anything else. For scraping on a pole at any height above 8ft it can’t be beat. Just angling the head of a scraper doesn’t help keep the blade on the glass when scraping at height.