Triumph MK3/ Holster Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner


[SIZE=5][B]Triumph Holster Available Here![/B][/SIZE]


Good vid Mark !

Isn’t the band to hold the plastic cover ?

I haven’t used nothing over 4inch and I’m gonna get both MK3 stright and angled soon, but I don’t like that holster at all. I need something that let me have it with no cover, I can see myself wasting hours at the end of the week taking off and placing that cover, or having only 7 fingers at the end of the day :slight_smile:

I was thinking somethin in the lines of the ScraperMate, but not sure if that will cover the blade while not using the cover, based on the pic of WCR store seems like you can modify it to do that.

Keep up the good work Mark.

EDIT: no cap needed for the Scrapermate

Are you currently using your 4" scaper without a cover? How so?

Sörbo makes a scraper holster designed for use in combo with their scraper without its cover. I believe there is a string with comments regarding that holster.

Triumph also makes a Z40 model – it has no cover, but utilizes a retractable head.

Bottom line: better protect yourself adequately when handling, carrying, and storing a scraper.

Great video Mark although I prefer the Scrapermate holster myself. Keep em coming buddy!:wink:

Technically you could use the triumph holster without putting the cap on the scraper although your holster will probably where out faster (get cut up eventually) plus you must be mindful when removing and replacing the scraper to the holster.

I’m currently testing out the ScraperMate and like what I see so far. Wait for the video. :wink:

Z40 all the way for me. I rarely use anything else.

Great vid Mark!

I switched to a Triumph MK3 (from a MK2) when I replaced my Unger (it finally broke) belt with a Sörbo that I’ve had on a shelf unused for years.

I use a belt loop for the scraper (the other is for my 6" detailing squeegee.) The rubberized handle of the MK3 would hang up on the Unger, but the loop I use on the Sörbo is slightly larger.

I’m Sörbo belt & use the same tools for the loops as you Larry. The scrim goes in the middle loop!

My third loop is covered by a backside Unger ErgoTec pouch (hucks, putty knives, 1" scraper, paint can tool, ball of ear wax collected from cotton swabs in residential customers’ bathroom garbage cans and from their shower drains, etc.)

I bet that thing could hold quite a few scrims…

How big a ball of earwax are we talking? Remember anything over 3" diameter and it’s rubber room time!:smiley:

There’s ya problem - turn the belt so that the connector is on your right side - all loops available.
Do you wax your belt?

Not sure what I’d use the third loop for…

Just my Haut.

I have been using the Mk3 for almost a year now and love it!
I also love the scrapermate holster but I went through 2 of them in two months. Untill they change the plastic they are made out of so they don’t break so easy I will be sticking with the Triumph MK3/ Holster.

How did you go thru 2 in 2 months??:eek:

Wait until you see Mark’s tool review on it.

At this point I would advise against purchasing this product. I have been talking to owner and apparently there are some problems. If anyone has a broken one we can swap it out for you for free. (regardless if you bought it from us)

At this point they are advising against using the scrapermate with triumph scrapers. (I know that sounds ridiculous)

If you have one he is advising on bending the clips out a bit. They are also working on a fix.

That’s how JRC advertises it: Secure scraper cap in the rubber band when scraper is in use.

The plastic fatigued right below the metal clip and the whole bottom section broke off.

You might find this interesting.