Trolley system

Ive never used a wfp but having read a few of the UK forums a lot of them use a trolley system and cart the water around in 25 litre cans
The preferred trolley is for sale now and then from ebay for well over $1000
the one at the link is roughly the same without a water flow controller,
I don’t know if this would work for the US market as I don’t know enough about wfp, but for anyone who does it may be worth a look

Thats a good price that is! I could easily adapt it to wfp use with a little DIY. I wouldn’t bother with varistream either. The pump quality would be important though.

Karl, would it be possible to adapt the trigger mechanism to run a wfp

We have experimented with triggers. The problem we found is that you have to hold it in the pulled position for it to be ‘on’ When released its ‘off’

Wouldn’t something like you get on a pressure washing extension lance , where your lower hand is holding the pole and squeezing the trigger work

It causes fatigue.

doesn’t everything:confused:

They have fatigue free triggers now.

Here is a pic of mine…

The manufacturer is in Europe.

I can squeeze the trigger with just my pinkie if i wanted too.

This is my shorty, i also have one that is about 5’ long.

The problem would be the pressure switch inside the unit. It would cut out if the flow was restricted too much. But they might have thought of this as its a trigger lance? But on my similar unit they haven’t done it - so I imagine its the same. Its a shureflow 85psi, I use that on 60 footer jobs - no probs. This is easily adaptable to run from a storage tank in the truck as well - best of both worlds.

Sure it would work. But…you still need a system! Looks like you would have to spray, bruch then spray agan. Not real time effective. Also, the homes in England are done once a month outside only. The maintenance is really easy.

Don Chute

You wouldn’t use the lance at all. Cut the lance off, put in a butterfly switch or similar & hope there isn’t any pressure switch. 85 psi would probably be the optimal amount anyway. I find at 60 foot its a perfect pressure for me. At lower heights its a little overkill.