Troy Liposec

Please welcome Troy Liposec of PacifiClear in Mission Viejo, CA to the WCRA!


welcome to the smart kids club, Troy! About freakin time!


Troy will be a great addition to the already strong association.

Good for the WCRA, don’t take his knowledge for granted. He is a very wise, individually and in business!


PS: Good for you Troy, hope all is well with your family!

Thanks guys! Good to be here. Looking forward to learning and sharing what I can.

They’ll let anyone in here!!! Welcome to the club Troy.

How cool is that, Brett’s here!

welcome aboard

This Brett too!
Glad to see you here.

Brett Phegley
San Clemente, CA

Always good to see you too, Brett.

West Coast luncheon???

Haven’t done one in a couple years. We will have to have one first quarter of the year.