True Life: I work for a Low Baller


You owe me $10 Kenny, my time is money too. :slight_smile:

Man, relax, I understand your frustration, but you’re certain that, at some point, that’s going to be your company. People like you, great for you, and keep working on that, tomorrow will be yours.

Talk to him and see if you can pick his brain a little to understand the “Whys” and see if it has any logic to it, or suggest somethinh to him that you think it would work better.

At least you just released a lot of pressure posting your frustration, for real, I’ve done it and it works.

Just chill Kenny.

ohh, you can mail me a check :smiley:

Well, Kenny, it looks as though you are in a peculiar place right now. I don’t envy your position. But, as a business owner, I understand somewhat of his madness. You may understand and some of the other guys may get this thouht process, but I’ll try to give you my take on a few things.

1.) First, you work for him. As long as he is paying your salary, who cares what he takes home. He can make more and he knows it. He is just too afraid of raising prices. I am not sure if there is an easy way to suggest an increase to him. He does have the responsibility of paying for you and possibly others and all of the necessary items that go along with doing business. Thats a heavy load for anyone.

2.) Do you plan on taking over the business when he retires? If so, does he know this and is he willing to hand you the reigns? Is he going to ask a fair price for the business? What are your options with him?

3.) Do you even want to own the business? I assume from your post that you are inclined to have your own company. Do you want his, or are you gonna start your own? Or both? Start your own business. Get your proverbial feet wet, and then buy him out–forcing him into retirement.

4.) You obviously know that value of your services. Does he need you to run his business or can he compete in the same market without your helping hand? That might be th true nudge for me to strike out on my own.

These are just some food for thought from your post. I kinda need to laugh a bit because I told my guys just yesterday how good they have it with me. I copmared their salaries to the commissioned based pay of other companies and showed them how they would have to work ten times as hard for someone else to make what they do from me. The all agreed.

Anyways, sorry for the return novel post. I look forward to hearing from you. Welcome to the neighborhood. Enjoy the best damn site for WC’s this side of Great Brittain.

Hi, kenny. Good to have you.

It seems that the longer a window cleaner is in the biz, the more stuck in his ways he gets. Your boss’ prices may not have rose enough with inflation.

Maybe your boss is seeing the same problem you are but thinks that you are the source and not him. You have to ask yourself: Am I as fast as I should be after 2 years? Are the problem houses so rare that they should be overlooked? Is there a definite pattern with HIS frustrations, and if so-when and why?

If you are as fast as you should be, millionares should be making your boss a grip of money. More than 40 an hour.

If you decide that his prices are the source of his frustrations (since his frustrations seem to be the source of your frustrations), then you should confront him or at most defend yourself when he complains. But remember that this is his company not yours. Just defend your skills if you can varifiably tell that they are worth defending.


Why would he complain – he’s probably netting much more than that himself.

I just spoke with a man the other day who does air conditioning testing, works for himself solo. He has been in the business many years, an older guy getting ready to retire. He said, he simply does not charge as much as some of the younger contractors because … he does not have the expenses anymore. The kids are raised, out of college, the house is paid for, his needs are little, other than the want to continue working at this point.

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was the title of this thread like a MTV “true life” ?

maybe Time to give him and offer he cant refuse. Come up with a number that you are happy with, offer him a nice cash down payment and monthly payments at $XXX per month. Doesnt cost you anything to offer.



where do you work Kenny?

Kenny you trip me out :stuck_out_tongue:

I always get a good chuckle out of your posts …

I think it`s time for you to start your own biz, one day the old guy is gonna **** you off and you might go postal on him…Would hate for that to happen.

I wouldnt wait to take over his business, the guy you work for isnt going to retire …His business is his life and he will be cleaning windows till the day he dies

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I give the Sayles’ film of the same name a big thumbs up.