Trying my hand at marketing design

I’m really trying to improve my designs, this is an example of my old work before putting in some research. (for my old company)

here are some of my newer efforts (for my new company)


The new ones look good , I’m glad you changed the picture of the modern home . You probably won’t see that type of architecture in Tn. Is this for EDD or door hanger style ?

They’re for whatever, eddm, realmailers.c, facebook post. Etc…

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Not bad, not that my designs are any better… I just purchase pre made templates from WCR and Dope Marketing now, saves me a lot of time and printing with either company is not expensive.

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I appreciate that you do your own design work. I really like to do that too.
Here are a couple of mine from past mailings.
I put my offer on the back of each one.


This one is the best of the bunch… It makes me pause because of the graphic.

Other ones: the new ones look good. You’ve evolved to a cleaner look with less text. I like the foresight to reuse one design across multiple channels.

On the take back your weekend one, consider adding something about cleaning windows. At first glance it’s clear what service is being offered.

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These are catchy. One thought is to monetize them like Mike Andes did with lawn care.

Just curious, where did you get your pictures? Did you use Royalty Free images, pay for premium images, or are they pictures you had done (either yourself or a photographer)?

Not judging, just wondering what people use. I own a nice DSLR, but I haven’t had much chance to use it for marketing purposes (access to nice properties & views), and I don’t know if Royalty Free images are looked down on when advertising for Window Cleaning.

Those are fun, how was the response?

I figure the name “Davidson window cleaning” would make that clear.

I wouldn’t know where to begin with that.

They were free photos from my website

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It was a while ago so I don’t remember the numbers.
Well enough though thatI haven’t needed EDDM or any serious marketing since 2013.
I did EDDM for 2-3 years.
It’s what got my business going .

Great job! I like the 1st and 4th ones best. Not sure the black and white photos give the potential customer the best idea of what their home can look like with your services. I like the messages a lot too. Simple and not too wordy. Also, on the first one you spelled “outdoor” wrong. I know my efforts would not be as good. Like ProWindowCleaning, I would rely on others’ proven efforts instead of trying my hand at it.

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Bummer that I bought 1500 of the one with the typo…

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This one looks awesome!

Are you thinking of doing any split testing (e.g 500 of one flyer and 500 of another design) to test out which design gets a better response?

I’ve got two versions of my flyer coming next week and am curious to see, if one out performs the other.

No, I just design different flyers for different goals, this one will be sent to higher end homes.

I added some sparkles