Trying to setup my rig. Need your input

Looks like I can get a decent cold water unit.
Cat Pump 4.0 GPM 3500 PSI
13 HP Honda GX390
I think it comes with a 50 ft. hose and wand. I’m looking into getting 200 ft. of Goodyear Spiral Flow Blue Non Marking Hose. With and mountable hose reel. Also 100 ft. of water hose and mountable hose reel. Also looking to get a 20 gallon tank for bleach/solution. Do you have any other suggestions of things I should get. This a setup just to get me started. All this is going in the back of my 1997 Ranger. I’m also going to put a one side ladder rack on the passenger side. I attached a picture of my setup.

Thanks in advance,


You’ll wanna get a downstream injector and a 0040 tip for shooting chemical. Also, what if you put the hose reels on one side of the bed so you could move the pressure washer towards the back of the truck so you could easily take it out.

Think I might try to setup a quick release mounting bracket or get 2 Stacked hose reels. Thanks for the other info.

Topnotch, if you find yourself limited with space in the Ranger and you have a trailer hitch insert you can get a hitch mounted rack at Lowe’s for about $60.00

The hitch mounted rack is perfect for hauling a power washer. It’s low to the ground making loading and unloading very easy and you still have all of the space in your truck bed for the rest of you gear.

I have the hitch mounted rack on the back of my full size pick-up. I use two 2x4’s for a small ramp to roll the power washer on and off of the hitch rack. This really saves my back and also all of the space in the back of the truck.

Oh yeah, you can use motorcycle tiedowns to secure the power washer to the rack while in transit.

I want everything to stay in my truck. Don’t want to have to pull the unit out. That’s why I’m getting longer hoses. I’ve seen a couple of those racks on cars all dented up. I guess people forget that is on there and they crush them lol. I’m sure I would.