Trying to track down a vid posted here

Trying to track down a video I first saw on here, pretty sure it may have been one of Luke’s and in it he was using either a modified artists easel or one built similar to it where he removed a whole bunch of storm windows and cleaned them all on the easel, I want to build something similar so I can clean my sliding window sashes at the same height and I don’t have to lean them up against the walls etc.anyone recognise the video as their own?

Here’s one video from Luke on a storm easel:

Personally, I prefer a more minimalist approach. Pegboard hooks and a few minutes with a 1/4” drillbit on my 5’ stepladder.

I have holes drilled at 45° and 90° in each step to accommodate various shapes and sizes of storm windows. The 45° angle allows the runnof to drain to the lowest corner onto my wipe-up towel. A lot simpler than a cumbersome piece of rain gutter :smirk:

Awesome, thats the video but I somehow remembered him using an artist easel but this is super easy to go, thanks.

@Infinity thanks for the videos. especially your demo. I’m doing this for pellas in the future.

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