I have a house I do on the side, and the homeowner washed down the interior back porch with tsp. They got some of the tsp on the windows also. What do you use to get that off? I tried with soap & water…nothing happened. Any suggestions??

Try a some bronze wool and a hard water stain remover.

According DD this is a good thing.

I thought TSP was supposed to just come right off like real window cleaning soap?

Are you saying that the TSP is stuck to the glass or is it something from the porch that is stuck to the windows?

We don’t know what dilution ratio the homeowner used.

If it’s a recent issue, Tony’s suggestion is very reasonable.

Very true.

I guess one more advantage to GG4, Dawn or any other common soap, is that you can pour it on at full strength and all you will get are lots of bubbles.

Plus all those soaps are Earth friendly, kid friendly, dog and cat friendly… and window friendly. All great selling points one can’t really claim with that other stuff.

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a post asking how to get GG4 or Dawn or Unger’s pill off a window…and I don’t expect too either.

Assuming there is not FD, try scraping. Otherwise, a hard water stain remover will probably do the trick. I like bioclean. Use rubber gloves!!

Just another precaution - wince there will be TSP residue on the glass (or possibly the sills) make sure any hard water remover you use has no acid since TSP reacts violently with any acid.

Very true about the acid! Be careful!

Here is a link for more info on TSP

Data Sheets - ICSC1178 - International occupational safety & health information centre

No, I’m pretty positive there isn’t FD on it. The homeowners were rehabbing the building & had a buddy use TSP on the back porch. They asked me what will get it off. So my guess was steel wool or soft scrub.

TSP is stuck to the glass. I washed it with soap & water & it didn’t come off.

Thanks for all the suggestions!! I’ll try them out tomorrow!

Wow. Sounds weird for something that is supossed to dissolve in water.

Can it be scraped?

If soap and water doesn’t remove it, I would be hesitant to start using other chemical to remove a chemical due to the danger of combining them…so that really doesn’t leave many options other than scraping or scrubbing with steel wool or white pads.

Who would have thought that something touted as a window soap could stick to a window and not come off.

Again, don’t use an acid like One Restore or something similar because of the possible danger.

Can you post any pics?

I’ll take a pic of it & post it.

This happened to me (on my job, at least) before.
The guy did the 4th and 3rd floor but left the bottoms to bake in the sun.

Next day I watched him pour TSP in his bucket, and it looked like he poured a gallon of milk out.
He must have used half a box in a 5 gal bucket.

Pumice Powder [U]WILL[/U] take it off, safely. But it’s a bitch on your arms.

How careful must one be on glass with this abrasive product?

Yeah, I guess I should have probably explained that… sorry.
It’s volcanic ash. A very light abrasive.

I’ve actually used it with electric buffers/wheel and never hurt the glass.

to be honest i would highly doubt that an acid would react that harshly with a dried tsp residue on a pane, just my thought.

and are you sure that it wasnt just some hard water stains that didnt come off with tsp? something to think about


it definately wont damage the glass. the reaction would be more of a safety issue to yourself.

i’m not underestimating anyones experience. but i’m also not assuming that he has any, nor that he’s got more experience than all of us. i was just throwing out some ideas

It might not be real TSP that was used. They make a TSP substitute that I believe will etch the glass. The old timers used TSP all the time but it was only a tablespoon or so in the bucket. You might find out for sure what the guy used.

Hate to bring up an old thread, but had a call from a gentleman who used Tsp to clean his windows, it then dried before he got it removed and will not now come off. Calls me to come take care, have not looked at yet, but would like some removal solutions before I go and try. I’ve got in my arsenal at this time, diamond magic hard water stain removal, 0000 bronze wool and scraper. Be enough?