Tucker Brush

This happen to anyone else? New rinse too, but it still works.

On our fourth or fifth brush now, with top bars, but never had that happen. Did it hit the ground or into the side really hard?

There’s a certain type of window frame that, if I push too hard on the brush, the corners of the rinse bar slip under a lip and get hung up and tear the shit out of it…gotta move a little slower.

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Gardiner has these brush bumpers which cover the whole brush head plastic in rubber - you might take a look at tucking or changing one of those.


Rinse bars are trash, maybe my technique is trash… I won’t be buying another like this though

No but the one I received a couple weeks ago has been shedding like crazy. Thought it may just shed a little initially but is still shedding to the point that my tech went and switched it out with an old brush this afternoon. This is probably my 5th Tucker brush and have never had this issue. Think it may just be a lemon. Anyone dealt with this?


Reach out to them. They have awesome support service.

I love rinse bars…
Why don’t you like them and what do you like better?


I must say I like the looks of the new brushes with rinse bars, from the manufacturer
who won’t be named here… The angled spray looks intriguing, particularly with highly hydro-phobic glass.

Yes, I had a warranty claim on one this year. I think they may have ended up with a bad batch. Reach out to RHG or WCR. They’ll take care of you.

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I’m not sure who you’re talking about, BUT Tucker brushes are most definitely the best brush I’ve ever used… minus the plastic rinse bar that costs a lot and I keep breaking

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rinse bars needed to be invented 70 years ago when the wpole first came out lol

thanks to everyone talking about a bissell carpet cleaner rinse bar that was no longer made and the guys hacking them on water pole brushes, Shawn moved and got a real one for water poles thank you Shawn Gavin!! what a monumental step forward in water pole efficiency!


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Never an that’s all I use.
Jeezus 2 years ago. Always a day late and a dollar short