Tucker Fill N Go

Adding a new system to the business. Curious to see if anybody has had any experience with this particular model/ pros and cons.

I purchased the dual user unit Spring of 2017, sent it back, there’s a video review I did on it. Use serch bar to see it

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Thank you for your interest in the Fill n Go.

Since it’s release last year we have sold around 50 units. Jeff is the sole person to complain and/or request a refund.

Many of the points Jeff made in his ‘review Have been addressed and improved upon.

As with all our products we offer a money back guarantee.

Shawn Gavin
RHG Products Company

I have sold many of these units and used them at demos at trade shows. Well built and designed for easy use and low maintenance. Here is a video of me working with a customer who has 3 of these units.

Feel free to call or text me if you have specific questions about this unit or if you are interested in a DIY system windowcleaner.com/john-lee/

For a system that cost 6K, I would have been upset too.

I woukd enjoy seeing a review from another users opinion.

Like i said earlier there are on manufacturer and distributor views

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@anon46335951 if you don’t mind me asking what route did you take after sending your system back. I saw your set up (company truck and trailer) in a different thread and it’s really similar to our new edition. I’m debating buying a new system if I can find one I love or getting one custom built. Thanks for the info!

Ipc gas cart, which i really like from IPC, a local company that turned me off i initially 5 years ago.

Gas has been very convenient, not having to charge anything and the pressure it delivers has been better than my previous favorite system. We easily run 2 poles even 3 on commercial building’s.

The IPC has a gallon meter, which is a gauge that shows how many gallons of tap water has run thru system which is helpful for me to identify when to change filters.

First time using resin for DI, liked it better than a 5 stage system i have that was my favorite system. Previous system used a 4x40" DI cartridge that had to be ordered thru manufacturer. I believe that is wrong and ties customers to you by force. So i removed the 40" cartridge and replaced it with a resin refillable cartridge.

Since a tank based system wasn’t initially a big concern but did seem a good idea at times i tried the Fill n Go, didnt work for me. I added a enclosed trailer and 125 gallon tank and built a dual pump/controller board to draw purewater from tank. Conveniently all my wfp components are inside trailer, no loading and unloading daily and 2 portable carts and holding tank. Cart will basically stay in trailer with the exception of interior courtyards and working two sites at once.

My plan is to see how things run this season then buy a permanant system to install in trailer keeping 2 portable systems for the flexibility they give.


IPC has amazing systems, the Hydro Cart is so well made. Below you can see the gasoline and electric versions.




What’s the top selling tank based system? That’s what we’re on the hunt for primarily

Its currently the Tucker Fill N Go Dual User.

I know Jeff did not like it and made a great video showing what he did not like and what he would change but we have sold many and had overall positive feedback.

I will say that we help many get set up with DIY tank based systems as well. Tanks can be sourced locally and for cheap, cheaper than you can ship one. Simple, pump-less system weather it be DI only or RO/DI like Xero Pure, the RHG Delivery Kit, a reel with hose and some fittings. Its pretty easy to piece together, just need to secure it safely in the vehicle and you’re off and running.

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Definitely! That’s also been in the works I just wanted to explore all options prior to pulling the trigger and I appreciate all of the info I get from the WCR!

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Oh, and you can’t go wrong with the money back guarantee. Plus you can drive to Colorado and go discount tire on them if you really don’t like it.

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Why did you sent it back?

For a full refund.

Shawn Gavin

The supplier I purchased it from took it back.

I purchase something else instead.