Tucker Hybrid Brush issue

Haven’t even had my brush a year and the plastic wore out so that my pencil jets slide right out, anyone else running into this issue? Seemed like a quality piece of equipment but after about a year started going down hill. The clamps on my ezpure mini are snapping as well after a year of owning. Does tucker make junk products or did I just get unlucky?

The Tucker Hybrid brush is the number on brush we sale. This is the first time I have heard of the jets not holding. When you say your clips on the EZ Pure are not holding I am asumming the filters pop out when you carry it? Are you referring to this product?

Both jets gave out at the same time. Seemed like poor quality build. Also I was referencing my ezpure mini wfp pole. They keep coming loose and 2 have cracked. Very cheaply made or I have a dud. I spent a good amount of money for both of these products expecting them to last me more than 1 year and the pole 1.5 years