Tucker Poles?

Anyone still use tucker poles? I have 3 of them and they sit around more than they get used. I live in New Mexico and most of the time we are draught conditions so everytime I pull one out I get a ton of flak about the water use. Not to mention they are heavy and the clamps are just awkward to use. Are there any after market parts for these (clamps mainly) that would speed up the use or are these poles just dinosaures? Just looking for ideas to get more use out of them. Most everything here I can reach with a ladder and I am wondering if I can put them to use or sell them? The WFP side of things is still new to me other than the fact that they to be a pian in the back. thanks for the help

Scott we have 2 tucker poles that dont get much use either. We mostly use the xtel and ionics poles in our business.

We have a few tucker pole add ons coming to the site at the end of the week. We have a adapter that allows you to use any European brush head.

I think Shawn from Reach higher Ground has access to some swivel type keys that make the tucker screws more usable.

my tucker pole has been sitting in my garage for over 1 1/3 years, that thing is a piece of crap.

now i have a 27’ excel carbon fiber with a 18" goose-neck.

its dope…

I have a 45ASH Tucker and it’s all I’ve ever used on a job so iI can’t really offer a diverse opinion but I will say I make more per hour w/ my Tucker on those big commercial jobs and large 2-3 story homes w/ TDL’s. I love being able to stay on the ground and my wife is always there to rub my neck and shoulders every so often.
As for the screws I just hand tighten and that works fine. For smaller jobs I drop a few sections to lighten the pole.

I use Tuck daily. I love that pole.

I had rather have something different and if Tucker does not make some changes fast…they’ll go under. BUT since I already have this one…it is the one I prefer for shorter gigs.

We have been trying to stock there pole for a few months now. They actually make it pretty hard to even sell there pole. Its very strange.

can you say: 'Belly up"?

sure…I knew ya cud.

They make it hard to buy them too. It took me almost a month to get my third one from them. Ordered it direct, I think it’s like a 60 or 65 foot. Needed it for a new job that I picked up and when I got there they gave me the no, not today crap. so long story short this pole hangs on the wall in front of my desk mocking me.

I happen to be about an hour from the Tucker plant so I went and bought mine direct. I went in told them what I wanted and in an hour I had my pole and I was on my way home. I’ve talked to Robin several times and although he’s passionate about his pole he’s reluctant to change because he thinks the pole has “stood the test of time”. What’s that phrase? Oh yeah, dinosaurs will die!
I think the only reason they are still around is that if your just getting into wfp work their pole is the cheapest around. I paid less than $550 for 45 foot pole and can’t come close to that w/ any other pole. That being said after using it for a while you begin to see the need for a better product like carbon fiber for instance.

Yeah…but CF poles have issues IMHO.
Tucker rocks.

yeah, especially if you step on them

It was an awful noise.

For a pole that ended up getting stolen. :slight_smile:

the tucker is a good entry into water fed pole work, however what you save on price you pay for in the weight of the pole. I personally would never buy another one.

Say what?

The SL2?


I use the 45ft not 26ft. I drop 4 sections when doing most residential and I can go w/ that thing all day. Of course at 35+ft it gets awful flexible and difficult to deal w/ all day long. I posted some pics of me using the thing at 40+ft on a 4 story job. Man was that a chore!:eek:

HM Digital TDS METER 3 (with carrying case)


Good call Larry. When I started taking readings I discovered the tds in my area was almost half what I had assumed it to be. Pays to be sure.


Tell that to my gut! not sure if it’s the beer or just eating 2 meals from a gas stations a day?