Turning Away Work

Do any of you refuse to do a job based on how badly it might reflect on you as a company. I admit there hasn’t been many but on occasions and especially with the old style double hung or french if they request exterior only and the inside looks like total crap I will refuse the job as I feel working on a house exterior with neighbors around who may or may not think you cleaned both sides of the windows reflects badly on your image.

I am talking about dirt sitting on their windows for years here not simply somone who hasn’t cleaned their windows in 6 months, I’m talking 10 years plus maybe they smoke too and the inside looks horrible but they insist on having the exterior done.

I never refused, but sometimes I wish I had. I don’t feel a sense of pride or accomplishment when you clean the outsides only of a crap window, and the insides are filthy. I WAY over emphasize the way the windows will look if its a out only and the insides are crap. But if they still want done…its on them. I havent had anyone complain so far.

I tried to emphasize mine by price, $10 in and out, $6.50 outside only. But we still end up with quite a few, and it bugs me on a personal level, but Ive started to accept it because we make more on earnings per hour because we don’t spend near as much time detailing since it can’t be detailed to the level it would have been had we been inside the home.

I haven’t turned down that sort of deal either. I honestly hadn’t thought about what neighbors would think about my work based on what they see without knowing I only did the outsides.
I do make sure they realize that I can only guarantee how the outsides look.

I turn down Pressure Washing gigs if they just want part of the house done. Sometimes they’ll say “just do the front, no one really see’s the sides or the back”.

I know that their neighbor’s see the sides and the back, and they dont know the householder only wanted the front done. I dont want the neighbor thinking in a month, hey I need my house Pressure washed too, but then they look at the parts I didn’t do and say, “Wow that company did a horrible job, I wont use them”.

I started this years ago, even when I needed the work, and I pretty much always do it this way. The only way I still do it, is if there house is way back on their property, or they jsut can’t be seen from anyone else.

As far as outside windows, we do alot of houses like this, because from the street, they always look great, the neighbor’s cant see the inside from there.


It doesn’t bother me one bit. Although, come to think of it, I have never had someone with awful windows inside or outside only want one side done when the other looked bad. For the price they pay, why still have the windows look horrible? IF that ever happened, I would show them how it will look while giving them the estimate or once I got to the job to show them how much of a waste of good money that would be, show them the difference and go from there. IF they still wanted just one side done, fine by me. Who am I do refuse a paying customer.

Especially with an extra mouth to feed soon!

I [I]love [/I]doing outsides only.
Especially after I have just power washed the [U]whole house[/U].