Turning up the heat in Charleston SC

2010 is more than half way over and with summer coming to a close GlassRenu would like to help keep you all busy as we move into the cooler months. With that in mind GlassRenu would like to announce our first show special for the Charleston SC Show Sept. 28-29.

For the first 20 people who purchase a GlassRenu Contractor Grade system in Charleston, GlassRenu and WCR will honor the rock bottom price of [SIZE=“5”]$995.00[/SIZE] plus shipping. This is a savings of 55% off the normal MSRP. If you have not seen what the GlassRenu system can do, make sure to come to Charleston and check out the Demonstration put on by WCR.

Over the next 3 months GlassRenu is going to be making some big announcements and releasing some amazing new products (all of which require a GlassRenu System). We want to make sure that as many of you can take advantage of what is to come. If you still haven’t seen a demonstration or are unaware of what can be done with your very own GlassRenu system make sure to check out Restoration Revolution or go to our [URL=“http://www.glassrenu.com”]site to see our many demo videos and video testimonials.

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer!

Damm thats $1200 off normal price… We will be doing some scratch Glass demos in Charleston, stop by to see how amazing the system is.

Cody: Will those new products be replacing items in the current Contractor Grade Scratch Removal System, or simply supplementing it?

The new products will work with the current system to not only make it easier to integrate into your business but also decrease the time your repairs will take by 20-30% (depending on where you are in the learning curve). Oh and one of the new products is also going to reduce the cost of materials per job by 33%. If you have bee thinking about getting into scratch removal, or you are tired of your current system not working, get to Charleston for the show and buy early to insure you get your system at this low low price.

Cody: You have a PM.

gimee gimee!

Dave take that cross country trip…!

We are gearing up pretty hard for this event… as its basically our last one for the year. Looks like simpole will be joining us, along with the GlassRenu deal and system. We will have some ipc carts and facelift poles there as well to play with.

I’d love to…will you watch my kids?