So with all the low-ball phony companies on craigslist, I thought I would create an ad and see what happens (Somehow I got 3 jobs in a week)

I find this post today…


look anything like this?-


How original, not. Did you call and ask wtf?

that is pretty sweet…

Wow, that’s crazy plagiarism.

I believe I would definitely be contacting them.

you got 3 jobs?

Wow that is really annoying…

What price point did you use with this customer? Below average, average, or above average (for your area).

I quoted them at my normal prices. No price point. I know it is surprising with the many, MANY low-ballers on there. I normally would never post on craigslist as I find mostly phony companies reside there. That said, I thought that all of their ads sounded fishy and i would not trust them for nothing.

I wanted to see if I could beat out the low-ballers. I put an ad on there that is not “highest quality for lowest price”. I put all of my contact info to sound more legit and somehow got some work. I just got another house to bid this morning. :eek:

I went on craigslist to see if I could over come the stigma I have about hiring a service from there… I just happened to make almost $1000 doing it :smiley:

It s safe to say my ads will be a regular on there. I am actually putting effort into my next ads… I love this stuff.

As for the dumba$$ who stole my ad, I just sent them a nasty email, screw em.

They will have a tough time when my website is TheWindowBath dot com

Absolutely nothing wrong with posting on Craigslist. Why ignore free advertising, right?

Sure I’ve had mixed results from my ads there but still, there were results that cost me nothing more than the 2 minutes it took to post the ad.

I think the part that struck me was that I did not lose out to anybody else in my bidding. It is safe to say I am not the cheapest.

Their ads suck… that is why leaning what motivates people is really our business, not window cleaning.