UK Newbie

[FONT=“Tahoma”]Hi guy’s, I’m new on here. I’ve had enough of UK forums, so thought i’d give you a go. Hope to learn lots. Any questions about how we do business over here please feel free to ask.


Sorry about the sound, I will speak up in future!

Hey Stewart,
Nice idea with the video. Keep em coming. I’m looking forward to seeing your vehicle set up. Its nice putting a face to the name right off the bat.
And Welcome!!

Hi Stu - what’s your moniker on the UK forums? We’ve probably chatted before…

I’ve been known as “Bear” which is a nickname from the days when I had a full head of hair. Sunshine Cleaning as well on some, but there are prob a few of those about.

You were on PWC forum if I remember correctly? If I posted it was mainly on CIU but have deleted my account there more times than Manchester United have won the Championship!

I moderate Peters forum & WFP academy, but like you, I don’t go on CIU too often. The PWC forum has been down for at least a year, maybe more. You have PM!

Welcome Stuart. It’s nice to have another member from across the pond. Are you wfp or trad?

Hi Tony,

I do both, some windows simply won’t take WFP. Plus I quite enjoy doing trad from time to time.


I know what you mean some places here have old rundown wood windows w/ storms windows over them. Just can’t wfp those.

Welcome Mang!

Welcome and enjoy this forum. I agree that was a good first video.

I’ve done another vid for Kevin’s site.

I’m practicing!!

Good stuff Stuart :slight_smile: