Uk Wfp

So what are the most popular brand of poles in the UK, and Europe?

I use a 45’ carbon fiber excel pole, i think they are made in the UK…
I also have a 6’ fiberglass excel pole for the ground level windows.

Here is a list of wfp suppliers in the UK:

There are also some good looking systems made in Europe. (scroll down the page above and you’ll see them)

I use Ionic poles

We use xtel poles for everyday use as the staff tend to not care to much hybrids for anything over 2 storey, had ionics pole and could not get on with them (they maybe different now)
Alex Gardiner has some very nice poles sl-x(carbon tele pole and is very very lite) and the superlite modular pole (used the latter and loved it on high work) I cant see me buying them for staff as they would treat it the same way as a £90 pole.


I use a 45’ Hybrid xtel pole for every day use.

I have to say the Exel poles are looking really good to me.

I’d have to say that Ionic were probably the most bought. After a couple of years I’d say many chose to look for a lightweight alternative.

I think the top 5 in sales are Ionic, Omnipole, Brodex, Unger, Gardiner: in that order, based on general feedback off the forums & a little bird told me.

An SL-X from Gardiner Pole Systems is my current weapon of choice, must have tried pretty much everything else in the past though.

25ft SL-X for my wife and a new 30ft SL-x for me. I also have a 60ft SL2… All from Gardiners… Tried a few others and the Gardiner poles are the best for weight and rigidity. Click on the Gardiner pole Systems link to find out more about them.
I have also used SL2 base sections to make a DIY gutter vacuum that is light enough for 1 person to use up to 50ft+ and is more than 50% cheaper than the upkeeper.

Mr H

Nothing like dragging up an old thread for a first post, but wanted to get in on the UK action.

We have been using FaceLift poles for almost 4 years and won’t use anything else now.
Not the cheapest we have used, but most certainly the best quality and longevity from any pole we have had.