Ultimate restoration job

I am doing a restoration job on a 4 story bldg for AT&T next month. It requires an 80’ boom lift. The building is entirely covered with 5’X 5’ panels of silver mirrored glass with no frames, just the black caulking in between. It has not been cleaned in approx 7 yrs. It is extremely dirty and oxidized. Originally we thought of using DI WFP on it but the results of a test area were not very good. Next we looked at chemical solutions. We educated the customer of the possibility of damage and have a signed waiver. Safe restore, bio clean, CLR, various hard water spot removers, CC550 and Muriatic acid. The results with CC550 and Muriatic were superior to the other products. Both of these chemicals yielded similar results: noticably clear in the center and cloudy around the edges. We also tried scrubbing with steel wool while appliying the acid but did not see any noticable improvement. During our test there was actually some discoloration (black splotches) on a couple portions of both panels after we treated them. They were not there when we simply cleaned the dirt off. The glass is shinier and smoother but has random discolorations. The customer is willing to live with these discolorations and will replace any panels that are too bad. The customer has the msds for cc550 and muriatic and is aware that I will be using either one, or both, on the glass. On-site I’m going to follow the same procedure as in the test: clean the panel normally, apply the acid and then re-clean. I’ll be doing this for approximately 1400 panels. When I asked Winsol about the quantity of CC550 I should expect to need, they gave me a formula that ranges from anywhere from 8 gallons to 35 gallons, depending on how much I apply. He said most cleaners apply too much, which explains the high end range. My main question is that since muriatic acid is about $5 per gallon and cc550 is about $34 per gallon, are there any reasons to use the cc550 over the muriatic given that the results were similar? Any other suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.

Get ahold of Judah Clark w/ Presto Restoration Products. They have some impressive products. Here’s his e-mail clark@prestoinc.com

I remember talking with him at the tradeshow (in fact I believe I pulled you in on the conversation). So you think Judah’s stuff is about as good as it gets? I never got a full report. The price seemed right and he was a nice enough guy. Do you think I should pass on the GlassRenu and just get set up through Presto Products? Can WCR become a distributor for their products? If Mr Squeegee recommends them, I think WCR needs to sell it, right?

I’ll be using their products at the Midwest Window Cleaning Conference in July. I haven’t seen anything more than the videos and info from their site but I’d say they look impressive compared to the demos of CC550 I’ve seen.

Didn’t you buy some of the product at the tradeshow?

Hey there Curt… We will look into carrying it this week.

I’ve got some samples coming for the event in July.

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