Unger 0 Deg First time

Received my 0 Deg handle. Trying to learn fanning with it. I have never used a Unger handle before with this setup. In the past Unger had a little lever you could flip, so I need advice. I have always used Ettore. When I went to insert the “s” channel I had to loosen the screw to put the channel in. Also I had to have another tool too hold the nut while turning the screw. With Ettore all I had to do was loosen the lever, slide out the old channel and just slide in the new. Like I said in an earlier post I am self taught with advice from you guys. Am I doing something wrong? Also can I use another channel that will fit into the 0 Deg handle? If I am on the job and the rubber gets bad, it seems I would have to have tools with me to make the change? Doen’t seem very efficient. Maybe this could be another video WCR could put out on installation of the “s” channel with the use of the Unger?

swapping out the channel of the unger 0 degree is a pain!
thats the only thing I don’t like about it.

This problem can be remedied very easily. To convert the Unger zero degree swivel handle into a quick release handle just get the quick release mechanism off of an Ettore Super System (or any Ettore quick release) handle and put it on the Unger handle. Use the Unger back plate and your Unger 0 degree swivel handle will be both quick release and clipless.

That’s what I did with mine. The Unger 0 degree swivel handle is the very best 0 degree swivel handle out there in my opinion. Especially when this simple and inexpensive modification is made.

There are some jobs I just could not do without this great tool.

I tried this when I first got it and it didn’t work. I must have done it wrong, I’ll try again

It does work. You won’t have to use tools or clips at all. Super quick and easy to change rubber blades now.

Here, I made a thread on performing this mod.


Still trying to get the knack of faning with the o deg. Is there a proper angle to work the fan? As I fan I seem to get the o deg with the “s channel” too flat as I work the pole across the glass. At times I hear and feel the nuts on the back rubbing against the pane. When I hold it out straight I can’t make it turn. Any suggestions? I am sure it is just a matter of practice. Is there another video out on technique?

Hey New Member,
Have you seen this video on YouTube yet?
It helped me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7ZC2c2IspU
Also check out Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner http://www.windowcleaner.com/vBulletin/showthread.php5?t=2429
There is another video where Mark fans the window with a pole, but I can’t find it.


Some quick tips:
[]Start first with a shorter channel, 12" or 14" max.
]Trim rubber close to the edge of the channel. (around 1/16" either side)
[]Make sure your solution has a decent amount of glide. If you’re a GG3 or GG4 user, you may need to add a squirt of dish soap or some other glide agent.
]Make sure the swivel tension dial is set fully loose.
[]Handle/rubber needs to be at around 45° to the glass, if it’s flat, change your position of the pole. You may need to extend the pole longer for higher windows. If window is too high, you may not be able to use this technique.
]One hand on the pole (closest to the squeegee) guides the direction of the pole while the other (the one on the pole handle) twists the pole for the fanning motion.
[*]Lastly, practice, practice, practice. Eventually it will click and when it does, you’ll fall in love with this technique.

A well organized page of videos on the Unger 0° there Karl!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the youtube video … that was excellent. I will definitely need to add a few of those to our arsenal.

I found another video on YouTube.
How to clean a eye lid window above a door or window with a zero degree squeegee.

How to clean a window from above the window with a zero degree on a pole.