Unger and quality

So ive noticed that Unger isnt really what it has been years ago, quicker wearing out rubber, T-Bars not as good as they were, Sleeves not holding much water anymore after about 2 weeks and such…
Others also say theyre not what they were, also on their Facebook page?

Anybody else who has noticed this and what did u do possibly about it?

Also any other vendors that you might have noticed this on?

I’ve noticed it especially in the past 4 years, my new Optilock 14’ has pitting after 4 uses using dish soap only.

Notice the nice corroded machine line? My Sorbos and Ettore poles dont look like that and I’ve used them for over 6 years since new.

There was a video posted about shotty Moreman sleeves quality from Luke. I can’t say personally, as my Moreman sleeves are used indoor only and bought 3 years ago.

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I really hope its not gonna stay like that for Moerman, they make some awesome tools.

I dont get why Unger didnt make a Zero detail squeegee yet. But also any of their sleeves except the Microfiber one loose water retention pretty quickly

The Ninja tools seem to hold up pretty well in my opinion. The scrubber sleeves hold water pretty well for a good while. I use the Ninja channels and handles, but always Ettore rubber. Still not massively impressed with their extension poles or Ettore’s for that matter anymore. The clamps on both don’t seem to remain effective too long anymore.

Check out the Unger S channel plus. These channels come dog eared from the factory. I use the 12" all the time. I use Ettore rubber in it though.

My company only gives mid range stuff at max, Standard Stainless channels, S Squeegee handles, Monsoon Strips, and Ungers non ergonomic handles without water welves.