Unger Angle Adapter

Watched one of the WCR “tool talk” videos on the Unger Crank Angle Adapter:

Looks like a very cool setup that allows you to get to some hard to reach spots. Are there any differences between the version that is all metal vs the one featured in this video? Anyone have experience fitting this on a non-Unger pole (don’t have one of those, either), or does it strictly fit Unger poles?


I used the nylon one in the video for a bit. It was pretty flimsy feeling to begin with, and continued to weaken. By the time I stopped using it, it was heavily bent to the right(where it connected to the pole), and I suspect on the verge of breaking completely. I would go with the all metal one if I were to buy another.


I agree! The metal one is not flimsy but it’s to heavy. The wagtail angle arm is light and stiff with zero flex so it is my angle arm of choice. It’s not adjustable but it’s perfect for me when I need it. I almost never use it.

It’s suitable for wagtailing. I saw someone on YouTube using one.


I have the all metal one. Not sure that it fits any other poles as I have almost entirely unger products. I have a ettore pole sitting around here somewhere though, guess I can check to see if it fits.

Like Mike said, its fairly heavy. Doesnt seem it when you hold it but you can feel the weight on the pole. Its sturdy. Really only use it to make a “ledger” with a 0 degree channel if I really need it


Thanks for the feedback. I am prone to seeing things that look cool and deciding I need it, even though I really don’t–marketing works! I have also seen it in use in some other videos along with a pivoting style (wagtail / excelerator) tool that get to some more difficult second story windows without busting out a ladder.

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