Unger cones

Hello, girls and boys !! I have unger cones that are giveing me a problems !! I’ve had these poles a long time and have problems with gitting them tight!! Both and hands and feet dont’t get it !! I got new ones but still won’t tighten. Called unger and they said have to get a new pole !! So i didget a new gold pole !! Yes i cleaned them !! Can any body help me ??? Thanks, stan, pro window kleening

I remember when they brought out the new locking cone - only trouble was you needed the new squeegee to utilise it!
I thought the gold ones were Ettore not Unger?
You may have to change your cones - easily inter-changed.


Hey Stan

As Karl said check out those links with the replacement tips.

Its weird that Unger would recommend buying a whole new pole as opposed to just a replacement tip.

Are the cones the tip that comes off the pole? Have you tried the wooden Unger tip? The original plastic Unger tips grab the squeegee handle really tight. So tight I have had trouble getting the squeegee off sometimes. I use metal squeegee handles not plastic. The wooden tips that clip into the pole are much easier for me to work with, nice and tight but they won’t stick.

Cones = tips.


Do you mean stones (part of locking collar device)?

Or collars?

Thanks for the reply on the unger gones, but lets get on the right page here !! The green cones that you tighten to adjust how high or low when you kleen. Gold pole is ettore ! Yes i have replaced the cones on that! Perfect match !! I thought it screwy that they didn’t have replacements that fit !!! I have a 3 sec ettore that goes to 18 ft. That i have had a long time, it has the ribed fluting on the bottom. Good grip with mesh around it, i put mesh on all poles and handles for grip!! Works for me !! I hope maye some one else had the cone problem??? Thanks, stan

By the way the unger poles came over with the good ship lolly pop.!!! Or 25 years age !!! So… They fit but don’t tighten !! The old ones are kinda square and the new ones are shaplly !!! No not that shaplly !! Ha !! The only thing i can think of is try a old spulyer or something ??? Stan

Maybe this kind of cone?

I’m still confused. :confused:

I think you mean the collars Stan. Chris can get them for you. But if the pole is semi rusted - like some of my old’uns - you are better off buying new. I still have the old 6 foot section ones in the workshop somewhere.

Ok ok ok !!! I’m sorry for the wrong name !! Collars woun’t tighten or lossen with out channal locks!! This woun’t do !! I’m a little ticked off that the new ones woun’t tighten up !! So…i like ettore gold look any way !! On less some one has fix for the old ones.??? Stan

How does rust form on aluminum or plastic? Or, do the old’uns have some steel parts?

Hey Stan

Now I get what your saying. I would completely disassemble the collars. Take all the pieces apart through them in a soapy bucket. Take a soft bristle brush and scrub away any lose dirt. Let the stuff dry, put it back together.

You may want to try a tiny bit of lubrication. If the parts are shot and it still doesnt work, check here we have all the replacement parts you need.


please let me know if you have any questions.

I dunno. Its probably an alloy. My Pulex pole is really bad. Perhaps its the humidity here?

Thanks guys, i’ve clean the collors and lubed !! So i repace them with new unger collors and not tighten !!! So i thought maybe some one else could help. I’ll just throw them up on the over head till i find some older style collors i guess. By the way cris thats ettore collors in the pictures !! From time to time i replace them with no problems at all !! Thanks again, stan