Unger Gloves

Those hands in the ad are starting to make me ill.

it reminds me of the movie Scary Movie 3 with the butler that has a small limp hand and he stirs his hand in the food, then serves the food…barfff!!!

Yeah I kinda figured that would happen… I guess I got a little carried away… Brrr its getting cold out…

Maybe substitute in a pic of the slave’s – I mean shopboy’s – hands.

Recently bought a few pair of the Unger gloves from WCR, they work perfectly for pressure washing. I don’t like gloves for WC and won’t wear them until I absolutely have to.

Great gloves though!:slight_smile:

If I can point out one thing about these gloves… Do Not wear them for cleaning gutters. They will tear up way to fast. I really like these for window cleaning though. Nice and thin + warm!

I use these Atlas coated gloves (~$4) for wet gutter work (rawhide gloves for dry):

Yeah i like those type of gloves… The top is like a fuzzy cloth right?

Not very fuzzy - tight-knit cotton and elasticy.

They do make a fuzzy cotton non-coated glove I think.

i think im going to use mitts this year…because there are no gloves that keep my fingers even remotely warm in the cold -20C- -30C weather of late Jan and Feb. i need to get some Alaskan fishing mitts.

Are they dipped in blueberry yoghurt?

I prefer the full plastic coating - only they don’t keep your hands as warm because of the rigidity. The trouble with the half-dipped cotton gloves is they get wet quicker. If you wear the real thin cotton gloves underneath - you can use the full dipped ones.

In keeping with the season – they are dipped in boo-berry yogurt.

I might try a pair.

I ruined a pair of Unger gloves doing gutter cleans. First exposed screw and bye-bye gloves.:eek:

One of the guys came in with these the other day. Hes been ranting and raving about these things. Figured I’d throw up a few pics.



Kinda defets the purpose of having gloves with your finger exposed like that. I use the atlas fit gloves . i have 2 or 3 pr. they dry fairly quick while in the dash with heat on. i have both fully dipped and the half dipped . If i usa anthing thicker my hands start to hurt and feel cramped. just my opinion

I’ve always used Glacier gloves. Anyone know how these compare to Unger?

Hey Mark. How about a winter glove review. Is Unger the best? Or is it Glacier? I use Aleutian because they are Highly flexible. I don’t need a really warm glove so I think they are great.

glacier gloves rock great to work with and even detail with as well.

I use the Aluetian gloves as well. They are not bulky and pretty flexible. Probably not for you 20 degree-all-day-long guys though…

I use the gloves like Larry uses for pressure washing. For pressure washing you don’t really need waterproof, you just need something to keep your hands from being burnt. That’s if you use a hot water machine of course…

I’ve found that Walmart carries gloves in their fishing department that are just as good as the Atlas half-dipped glove. They’re 1.98 a pair.

the Unger gloves are made of Neoprene, the same as my wet suit. So is it supposed to last just for a season or what?