Unger Hydrolite Advice

Just starting my business and thinking of using the Unger nLite Hydrpower system mostly because of size and ease of use. I keep hearing conflicting reports about the cost of running this system. TDS in my area is around 125. I know its subjective but How long can expect a bag of resin to last? or maybe a better question would be how many ‘average’ sized windows can I clean on a bag of resin? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I would look at the Xero, 1/2 c.f., DI tank instead because almost 1/2 the price, I believe it is more durable (ie: less / no plastic) and it is not hard or time consuming to change out DI.

Check out the chart here:

@sergebrotto please call me tomorrow. There are more cost effective systems.

You’re getting 1/5 cuft w each bag. That means you’re getting 4/5 cuft w a stage 4. Compare the price of that with a full cubic ft di tank.

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Great. Thanks so much. The chart helps.

I see your point. Thanks for your reply

I use the Unger Hydro Power (single unit) in Central Florida. The TDS around here runs between 158-188. I had one job that was over 400! Don’t know what was with his water, but only did it one time.
A bag of resin lasts me a while. I buy 4 at a time once a year and right before I change it I wash the van with that bag. :wink:
Granted I don’t WFP every job, but certainly a lot more than I thought I would be. It also depends on what minerals are in your water. Anyway, at 125 you should be able to use whichever system you like? How often do you use it?