Unger Hydropower & Loose Resin

I know there are folks out there using loose resin in their Hydropower units. Unger’s own literature states that their system supports this. Is anyone who has gone this route like to share their experience? Any issues?


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I just started using loose resin to re fill the unger bags. Refill was pretty quick and easy.

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Really is that new? - I didnt think they would put that out there.

BUT it does work and people do do it.


Yup…the last paragraph. see pic

Just an update on this, I stopped filling the old bags and now just dump loose resin into the hydropower, works fine! Getting good life out of it. And saving lots of $$. Just have to make sure it’s full enough or your TDS goes bonkers. Change over is abit messy but, better than the expensive resin replacement sacks from unger.

Yup, we just dump loose resin in.