Unger Inside Window cleaning Kit

Anybody using this Kit and what are your thoughts of it. Im getting ready to purchase one and need some input.

Thank you

i just use it for skylights. Comes with 2 pads I use the fluffy one first with pure water or sprayaway and then change to finishing pad. I have an adapter that fits to my unger pole.
I will use that method on intricate or small lead lined glass too which does a decent job and quicker.
Personally I feel mop and squeegee can’t be beat for standard interior glass.

Absolutely love it!

I’ll jump in and say I really love this kit as well. I use it with my Reach-iT pole and it works GREAT!!!
I have many pads as one can go through them rather quick and I never want to be without.
Primarily indoor for Residential skylights and windows that are just beyond my reach. I will use the fluffy followed by the…non-fluffy for my once a year cleaning. :wink:
I also use them indoor on my monthly store front accounts where there aren’t a lot of windows. I will use JUST the non-fluffy, (luster pad maybe?) in this situation as I am really primarily dusting.
I only use DI water on them and for upkeep have been washing in cold water, (NO detergent) and air dry, (NO dryer) per info I’ve gleaned on the forums here. I leave a fan on them to dry faster.
BE CAREFUL as the long side of the Unger swivel head can flip on you! :wink: I imagine this is due to the leading edge drying out…


It works!

Its been on our 10 best sellers list for the past year or so.

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I only use this inside for 3 years now. Somethings I have to use the white pad first then follow with cleaning pad.

But a bunch of the pads. You won’t regret the purchase.

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I bought the kit and also bought 5 extra pads. I have a job coming up and all of the windows are inside. I was thinking using sprayaway with this kit.

I tested this option at home and windows come out crystal clear.

Thank you for your help guys.