Unger nlite boars brush

anyone else have bought nlite boars from unger lately ?

I use to love the brush (previous one was in great shape for full season)but my latest experience with both 16"and 11" are waste of time !

hair is terrible quality and after only one use brush looks this way

Honestly lol’d.
I hate to make light, but that is one of the pitiful scenes I’ve seen.
(the patchy lawn background definitely adds to the effect)

I don’t use boars hair, but honestly that looks like you had it resting on something.

The tuff thing with boars hair is it is natural hair. There are a lot of brushes that work as well and hold up better (IMO) that are a more predictable synthetic bristle.

Wow, that’s a sight for just one use.
I had the NLite Boars Hair brush last year into this year and wore it out so that there isn’t enough left of it to be that effective. It was my favorite ever. It wasn’t available on WCR for a long enough time that I ended up with an IPC Speed Brush. It’s also a great brush.

IPC EAGLE Speed Brush is the way to go

I think the previous one I had was 100% boars the new ones look like they mix with other material which makes bad combination.everything sticks, water can’t flow and looks awful

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soaked mine with some of my wife’s hair conditioner

then brushed out with a pet hair brush, worked well

now i keep the pet hair brush in the truck and comb it out when it starts getting messed up again

although the hair conditioner seemed to reduce how bad it clumps up now


Let me know when you got that from us and Ill see about getting a warranty claim going for you.

Boars hair has been tough this year. A lot of the companies that make boars hair bristles simply couldn’t produce there was apparently low stock on bristles. A boars hair shortage of some sort ! :slight_smile:

thanks [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] I’m all ready in touch with unger they will take care of it

It is a great brush. I’m not crazy about the extra piece you have to use (provided) to connect the the euro tip on a water fed pole.

Hey Dan!

I love the IPC too! I hated the attachment that it came with so I screwed on a Gardiner Quick LoQ female and it’s a pleasure to work with now.

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Thanks, I think I have a Quikloc somewhere!