Unger nLite fan jets- what the crap?

Love the brush, hate the fan jets. is it just me or do they fan in the wrong plane? the fan comes out horizontally, which works against the idea of creating a taller vertical rinse depth (using [MENTION=378]Perry Tait[/MENTION]'s terminology here).

i’ve found them to be totally useless on hydrophobic glass.

if i’m missing something please let me know…

Angle the jets

you cant on the unger. the jets twist and lock on only one position. if i twist them to shoot vertical they will be in the unlocked position and fall out.

Well that stinks

I actually love them compared to the angled jets. Reason is when they’re horizontal I can rinse very close to the top edge without rewetting the top seal. I do like the Beta Pack 2.0 fan jets whether they’re angled or not but I find I want accuracy over coverage.

Rinsing hydrophobic already takes long enough. Efficient coverage is the only thing that makes it worthwhile to me.

Don’t know why unger had to make their nozzles proprietary. I’ve had my eye on the beta brush pack for awhile. May have to pull the trigger.

Gotcha, in that case go with the Beta 2.0. You’ll definitely benefit.

Love the nLite (tho I just broke mine after a year lol, totally fixable though). I wasnt a fan of the brush or jets from the start. I’ve been using the Beta 2.0 pretty much religiously.

I have a radial and when insert they are | vert then twist 90 and they end up - horz. I am playing around to canter in by adding a bit of tape to make a friction wedge. If you need to have a vert spray you could get some plastic inserts and drill new holes. Just thinking out loud here. Trying to help.

Try not tightening them all the way. //

I use a back pack so pressure is low and would work At the point of inserting it begins to lock. The key is to remove the hose tension/twist with a simple twist of hose connection to fitting. It works for a little while. I go horizontal with jets in top holes. The bristles along the top are long enough to prevent splashing. Like pressure washing fan setting at an angle sweeps the debris in the direction you want it to go vice a stream pushing water in almost 360 but only a small area directing down. Great for hydrophilic but not phobic. That glass needs to be man-handled. Being new I am watching everything: flow, brush angle (adjust pole or head) pre-wash lower sills or not. You name it.