Unger pole

Chris and Alex: You guys rock!

Thank you for helping me decide the pole i want is the big Unger 30’ pole. what an awesome tool!

It came yesterday and I put it together outside. PERFECT for my needs.

However, while assembling the pole, I think I tapped the bottom of an airplane flying over-head.

I washed my neighbors windows from my other neighbors house. If anyone would like a look at this pole, step outside. I’ll have it in the air at 3:00 Eastern time. Look toward Florida and up at the sky.

The best part is every piece fits nicely inside the back of my PU Truck with the camper shell closed.


Oh…alumax channels rock. And they are nothing like the Super System ones. :slight_smile:

(No Larry, I can not fan with it)

how are the alumax channels?


Did you get the 5 section or the 3 section?

I have both - the 3 section is waaay better.


Now I may need to swap to unger Back-flip.

What do you mean? I have the 5 piece 30 foot tele plus pole. How long is the 3 piece? Why is it better?

Why is it waaay better?

Each section is waaay longer; isn’t it waaay flexier?

BTW, I purchased the 5-section TelePlus ~2 years ago.

Will the TelePlus add-on sections work with older Unger poles?
My pole is about 10 yrs old.

This is not a direct answer BUT it works with my sorbo Ettore and an old Unger mop I have.

Plus, the tips will pop out so your old tip will pop in.

The older pole I have is a 3 section 18’ and wanted to add a 4th section.

No, I don’t believe. The inner sections of the tele-plus have a tapered handle that fits perfectly inside the next section… and so on and so forth.

More pieces make a pole heavier and stiffer. I personally like less flex.

What is the weight difference between the 3-section and 5-section Unger 30-foot poles?

(Not a question specifically for Mike.)

I love my 5 section Unger pole. I bought that one mainly because the shorter lengths. At the time I was operating out of my Buick Century and it fit perfectly inside the car. Funny thing was, my Pro-curve 24ft would always need to stick out the window.

I mostly use the top 3 sections for most of my jobs.

I can weigh them on monday

I don’t know the exact weight, but I could definatly tell a difference. The 5 section Unger also has a much larger diameter for the base section then the 3 section. The 3 section was only slightly larger then a regular 8 foot - 2 section, making it more comfortable for me when using for a longer period of time.

I liked the flexiblity of the 3 section over the 5. Because of the slight angle an Unger squegee would close out when 30 feet up. With the 5 section I had to use a Sorbo to close out.

I’m sure you will. :cool:

The teleplus can reach 48 foot with the right arrangement of the sections - its a heavy one!

How so?