Unger Power Pad

I just saw an ad for the Unger Power Pad, for wfp. They advertize it as being mainly for first floors. Why would that be? Looks like a nice tool.

I’m confused by the need for it. I haven’t seen a video yet of it cleaning frames, only the glass.

looks like it’s handheld by the ninja tool handle on it, so not intended to put on a water pole

“those we do not speak of” have similar but on a 3 piece extension pole with a doodle bug type pivot, wow, that thing is great, but also for lower level. i think the doodle bug pivot would be hard to control at heights and not really necessary or beneficial at heights

any pad tool should really only be used for maintenance cleans. the pads cant take a ton of dirt. but as far as the recommendation, is the control at ground level is quite a bit better, BUT that doesn’t mean you cant use it higher! ~Jersey 862-312-2026 Unger nLITE PowerPad Complete | Waterfed | WCR – WindowCleaner.com

I am interested in the powerpad. It looks like a good tool for cleaning deck glass, where cleaning the frames would not be an issue. Also looks to be more cost effective to replace pads than it is to replace bristles on brushes.