Unger Thursday #1

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(US only) Sorry guys!
Good luck!

Thanks to our sponsor Unger for this promotion!


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Another great give away!

I own a pair of those gloves, they’re one of the best winter gloves out there.

Does he do side work, kids a natural…

We have never had a contest go this long with out a winner… To hard?

We’re expecting rain tomorrow…

I like would all the contests to go this long. I want to give everyone a fighting chance.

IT’S NOT RAINING!!!:rolleyes:

Oh it is here that’s what sparked the idea… That and I checked the weather by Lar’s house.

Does WFP rain count?

I tried faking it but to no avail. Holding a garden hose spraying into the air, with a squeegee in one hand and the camera in the other just didn’t work out. Plus - we’ve had weeks of rain here, but today was nice and sunny.

We had a freak hail storm today - the weather’s achangin’.

how about power washing???


You got it Lar Winner!