Unger Thursday #3


[LEFT]And that’s it… Post as many spelling or grammar mistakes you can find. The person that finds the most wins!

Oh and post them here!

You can post as much as you like but yo can not repeat post something, someone already found.

Thanks Unger!

Sorry US only.


Reminds me of Microsoft Friday.

and your avatar reminds me of someone:p

Squeege Handles - Window Cleaning Tools

Specialty Squeegees - Window Cleaning Tools

Curved to reach deep ledge

Glass Guardian

“sealant” misspelled

Titan Varitey Pack

“contructions crew”?

A-1 hardwater stain remover

“Removal Mineral deposits and other stains”

Winsol Crystal Clear 550

Quik overview is for bucket sieve

Triumph Scraper Razor Holster

" It?s smart, safe and solid"

Unger Scrapers - Scrapers / Blades

Is it Ergotec or ErgoTec?


Just that it is listed as both on that page.

Back Pack Sysytem - Water Fed Poles / Water Systems

Link has backpack system spelled “sysytem”

Wow! Thanks Kevin.

What would you like? The T-bar/scrubber set up or the Large/XL gloves.

And a BIG thank you to Unger!

I’ll take the large gloves.
You guys are genious for getting us to edit for you.
But, it was fun.

Feel free to forward over any mistakes, you might catch!

Thanks Kevin