Unger visa-versa

Hi I just bought an 18" Unger visa-versa on Tuesday, used it on a 2 story home unit today, into it! Hmmmmm!

What can I say
*The product is a great concept and is well made

*It has a nice microfiber sleeve that cleaned up wonderfully after I had finished

*It fitted in my belt bucket side ways

*It was a little awkward to use at first

I cleaned 3 large 2nd story outside windows on a 11’6" pole and down the bottom there was an area of about 1"1/2" where it missed squeegeeing off and I had to wipe up with a microfiber cloth

Fanning on the sliding doors was a new experience as I dripped and sprayed water in all directions LOL Ummmm Dry your mop with your hand a little more!

But once practiced with it I recon you could really shave off some extra time with it

I would recommend it with out any problems

If you have one what do you think about yours?
I would love to here your view on them

All the best

Not a bad product. But as far as that concept goes, I would go with the Ettore BackFlip. Its easier to take apart and use as two tools.

I’ll be using my Visa_Versa (14" version) today to do a restaurant with large French panes and then a ceramic tile store with 18’ high windows.

I love this tool but it’s not the correct one for every situation. Sometimes I wish it had a swivel option to it.

Last year I was doing the exteriors of a town home and the customer ask me how long the insides would take. I was taken aback because we had agreed on just doing the exteriors and I had another appointment right after her. She begged me to do the insides because she really liked the job I was doing and she was putting her house up for sale. Well, I looked at her house for a few seconds then grabbed my bucket and Visa -Versa and banged out the interiors in about half the time then it would normally take me with single scrubber/squeegee. Helped that the windows were all the same size and easy access.

But like I said, it’s not the tool for everyday.

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I agree with Alex about the backflip, its more versatile, i believe you have a few more options than the Unger right? I mainly use mine in really hot sun or in really really cold winter days. otherwise, i prefer my sorbos, and pivoting applicators.

One use i do have with the backflip that is unique i must say is this: for one large building i did last year and will do again this year, there are a few windows inaccessible from the ground with ladder and also inaccessible with the lift. So with the residents permission i go from the inside to do the outsides, and its a large picture window wit h2 sliders under it. i go through the slider and use the backflip for the window, its awkward, but it works…then just pull apart the sliders to get them done.

I decided a while ago to not even carry the vice versa in our store. Its very flimsy feeling, and quite frankly put together very poorly. It kind of surprised me as I am a fan of most Unger products. The Ettore Backflip is standard issue for all our commercial guys. They will easily last a good 2 years of heavy use.

I used to be a fan of this too, but now I find I can work much faster using a larger mop and squeegee in sequence, instead. If the windows are really high, I’ll use 2 poles.

Faster method for me, anyway.

And the ‘splashing’ with the back-flip always drove me crazy for the first few windows, too.

I used to be a fan of this too, but now I find I can work much faster using a larger mop and squeegee in sequence, instead. If the windows are really high, I’ll use 2 poles.

I agree. When there are two of us I find it quicker to use two poles. One mopping and the other following behind doing the squeegee.

It saves time swapping tools and a single tool is less cumbersome than a combination tool.

Saying that, I find the vice versa or back flip handy if I’m doing the pole work on my own and especially if its sunny.

I’m a big fan of Unger too but I have to agree - the back flip is a more versatile tool. I find its better for internal pole work too. The angle of the back flip squeegee kind of acts like a ledger.

…but the Wagtail is my favourite toy at the minute!

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I watched the video on the Ettore BackFlip

Looks like its a more versatile tool I’ll give it try next

thanks guys I really appreciated your feed back

Another nice thing about the backflip that its strength. I have had mine fall from the top of a 30’ pole and no damage. The one I currently have in my toolbox is about 2 years old


//youtu.be/Ettore BackFlip - YouTube

Thanks for the video post. :slight_smile:

Its really cool hey