Unger's multilink gooseneck system

I’ve been using Unger’s multilink wfp gooseneck system for the last couple weeks…Love it. It allowed me to reach over a 2 & 1/2 foot ledge 4 stories up. I would not have been able to do this with the other gooseneck systems out there. They’ve got a unique feature that allows you to lock down the gooseneck in any position you want. The other goosenecks available you just tighten down and wherever they get tight, that’s where you use it. Because of that, you can’t put 2 other goosenecks together because the angles won’t line up. But, Unger’s adjustable lock down collars on the multilink system allows you to connect 2 or more goosenecks and line them up properly.

Multilink is a must for WFP users. We have not been able to get the word out to the market well in the US. Check out our web site that has info and videos on Multilink. Unger - CarbonTec

Will the Multilink system work on any wfp?

The whole multilink system has got the Euro threads Tony. It will work on any Euro threaded pole…Gardiner, Facelift, Unger (duh), etc…

Hey [MENTION=235]TheWindowGuy[/MENTION], I just bought a “long” Unger multilink gooseneck, and the extension as well for a job I have coming up. I haven’t taken a detailed look at the system yet, but at first glance, it looks like I can’t feed my water tube through it, since there are these little pins inside it. I have a Gardiner pole with a reach around gooseneck (with the hole drilled in it for the hose to home out to the brush.)

So is there another piece I need in order to attach this system to my wfp? I don’t really want to attach the multilink after the plastic reach around gooseneck, since I expect the weight would break the reach-around.

…or do I just need to run the hose outside the pole altogether?

That’s really the best option. I’ve used Multi Link on a Gardiner by running the tubing outside the pole. I tried putting it on the plastic angle adapter as you thought of, but the angle adapter isn’t able to handle the added torque that a long gooseneck puts on it.

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if having the hose on the outside is a concern for getting in the way or getting caught on things you can just tape it to the gooseneck so it is out of the way. Its a great tool.

The new Y Adapter also has the locking feature like the Multilink Gooseneck. I use it on the end of my wfp like a Reach Around.

Thanks guys for the feedback. Hose outside the pole it shall be. Not a big deal when you consider the advantages of the Multilink system, I guess.

I love my Unger multi link setup

What pole are you using it on?

We have used the multilink on Ettore 35’, Ionic 45’ Poles no problems.