Uniform Color

What color is your uniform shirt? We used white at first but shows way to many stains…

Post pics if you have any?

I started with gray but I just ordered a red a blue and a white to see which i like best.

I have ash grey and navy blue. We make sure both of us (my employee and I) are wearing the same color. Navy blue is hotter in summer and shows dirt also. The ash grey isnt as good looking but hides lots of stains and is cooler.

Mine have my logo on the back and over left pocket. T shirts with pocket.

BAM! IBM blue… (thank you Mr. Gerber)

Royal blue t-shirts, dark blue Dickies for me. I do have one white shirt I wear on occasion when I’m PW with sh and I have a long-sleeve black t-shirt.

Royal blue polos with no pocket. Company name on left front with employee name on right front embroidered. Shirts must be tucked at all times.

I don’t require a tucked shirt. I like to try to hide my belly fat with a loose untucked shirt… lol


Sounds like you got all of the body shape that I didn’t: I’m afraid that an untucked shirt on me would act like a giant sail in the slighest breeze. Lol

We have just about any color you can think of, we used to have just navy blue and hunter green.

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Red, black, & white. Part of our USP.

We have used ash grey for years.

Lol. Yeah I’m in shape. Round is a shape right?

We go with sky blue. Looks great. I get the quick dry kind that fly fishermen use. I have them custom embroidered at a local shop. When they start showing stains, I save them to change into when we are power-washing. Also, they look good untucked! I keep old ones on hand for when the some in the crew forgets theirs.

Do you have a link to see what shirts you’re talking about? Quick-dry shirts on the gulf coast would be … great!

Here ya’ go… Tons of colors and great for WFP work on 1st story when you get all of that splash back. Academy - Magellan Sportswear® Men’s Laguna Madre Fishing Shirt

ive just ordered some black ones printed for my lot, my first t-shirt order

I’m just trying to get my first order sorted and am thinking black with bright red printing on back.

Dark Blue, logo on the chest. (never looks dirty)

I like the pocket T’s. Mine are navy with white ink. The shirts are made by Gildan and boy do they hold up really well.