Uniforms - Screen Print or Embroider?

Alright - I would love to get some uniforms (finally) with the company logo. It would be real nice to get them embroidered, but the budget doesn’t justify it right now. So what are some of the pro’s and con’s of screen printing? Does it hold up alright? Which method do you and your wallet prefer? Thanks.

I’ve done both. This time around I went with screen printing and less expensive clothing. 50/50 Cotton/Polyester. Employees trash uniforms. I think the screen printing holds up fine, and you should do what your budget allows.

When I was a one man show I bought more expensive clothing and did the embroidering thang.

I have some screen printed T’s but recently got new polos that have our logo on the front. I prefer the embroidery.

We have both. Had some nice polo shirts done with logo stitched, I thought it was good to get some moisture wicking shirts, they work good that way but they are unbelieveable hot! At least the brand I got, hopefully there are better ones that keep you cool. Look nice though. Also, made some screen print up last year. they have lasted and held up well, with those being worn daily they are starting to fade some. Just my little tid bit.

Screen printing when done right will outlast the garments every time.
Embroidery, in my opinion, is just for polos to do estimates, not for the work itself, but is a personal choice.

You have another option if you don’t want to order 25 or 50 shirts at the time, and that is heat press vinyl. I do it all the time for guys that only want 5 or 10 tshirts. You don’t have to pay a set up fee because there are no screens to burn, and if the design is not complex you can get that done for little money.

polo with screen print. about $11 per shirt with 2 sided graphics.

Screen printing works fine and it looks great. Dont try it on hats though. By the way, Dont iron the print like I did in a rush.

I’m lucky in this aspect. I have a friend that has one of those fancy computerized sergers so I am strictly embroidry. I take the shirts, jackets, fleeces, hats and even my ladder pad to her and she already my stuff in her puter’. She only charges me about ten bucks a pop.The workmanship is amazing. I’ll never go with the cheap looking silkscreens again.
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THANKS! :mad:

I have a similar deal worked out with a girl in town that does embroidery from her home (she charges me $6 a pop with no minimum). So we use embroidered polo’s for our team. I’ll run out to Old Navy or TJ Maxx and pick up items on the cheap like Nike Golf polo’s or nice winter jackets.

One “con” with embroidered polo’s is that the logo is always small and not readily seen from a distance like a screen printed shirt.

But in my opinion, having a huge logo screen printed onto the back of a polo, to me, looks like a you are a roofing or landscaping or carpentry company. That’s just me though.

I have the logo on the front only w/ my embroidered polos and that is really all I need. The van is lettered and when they see my shirts it’s because I’m working at their house or giving them an estimate so I’m face to face anyway. For gutter cleaning or power washing we stay w/ the screen printed Ts because I don’t worry about them getting filthy.

Wow - I am surprised at the great responses favoring screen printing. There is a guy in town who does it cheap, so I am going to take some hoodies and shirts over to him next week. I was always under the impression that screen printing cracks, fades, peels quite easily. Guess I was wrong…


hey man, i love my screen printed shirts… never have had a problem with cracking, peeling etc… go with screen printed embroidery is nice for polos but for everyday tshirts go screen. i have black shirts with white lettering they never look dirty and the white print really stands out…

I wear white t-shirts to stay cool in hot, sunny weather.


for those who are buying shirts. Check out Broderbros.com. I get all of our shirts from them and they very inexpensive. They also have a HUGE selection of everthing. T’s. Polos, sweatshirts, tanks, fleece, hats etc. and you don’t have to buy large quantities of stuff either.

The only thing is you need to set up an account. Just fill in that your a silkscreen company when it asks. No big deal. They have warehouses all over the country. Luckily, I have one nearby and just pick everything up. No SHipping.

we have everything silkscreened because that just happens to be what my cousin does.

I guess my point is, there is no need to pay Tj maxx or Old Navy prices when you can get the same stuff much cheaper.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I go to those places (TJ Maxx , Old Navy) for what I consider specialty apparel items like sweat wicking polos or heavier winter jackets that are really expensive elsewhere (I’ve never paid over $6 for a jacket or performance polo, and of course, I don’t have to buy those too regularly). It works for me because I have that local girl do all my embroidery.

I would suggest Blankapparel.com to purchase your blank tshirts/polos/sweatshirts etc. No need to log in there to get prices. It’s also really cheap and doesn’t require purchase minimums.

The top dark colored polos are embroidered with my logo on the front and screened on the back, they are light weight 50/50 polos. The light color tees I use when powerwashing are screened on the front and back.

Nice looking shirts Seth. I dig the green.

Since I am a one man show, I just dished out the dough for the embroidery. Luckily the guy that I get my shirts from out here doesnt insist on a minimum order since ive been doing business with him for a few years. Thats the key, if you can find a guy that doesnt make you order 20-50 shirts at a time.