Updated our business card - what do you think?

I posted this in the contest thread, but I figure this might warrant its own thread. So here’s the front of our new cards (back side coming soon):

Comments, suggestions, or praise?

Looks good . Clean , simple and to the point .

Too many different fonts/colors in my opinion

Same font- different sizes and boldness, though. 3 colors is too much?

I would have to agree, but I’m also into a cleaner looking business card. All the font sizes, boldness, and colors make it look cluttered without actually being cluttered.

Ditch the red, fix capitalization, remove underline. Use bold for points of interest or titles.

Just my opinion, I personally much prefer constructive criticism than just blatantly lying to be nice!

Ok. How bout this?

Sick! Whomever designed your logo did an outstanding job.

Thanks. That would be me :slight_smile: