Yesterday I got a comm. call to remove some painted flowers off some glass. I told the potential cus. that we have 125 min. So when I arrive I see 6 of the 7 panes partially covered. It took me 20 mins. clean up and all. Anyway, When I go to do the inside I notice win. film. The cus. asked “Can you remove that”? Cha ching! I tried everything but that glue residue was stuborn as hell! Thank goodness I had a sample bottle of Oil-flo from WCR Westminster seminar. Zippie Dooda WCR!

Question? Can you keep Oil-flow in your H2O all day…I guess one would have to get use to that smell. I think it would do wonders for fingerprints. Comments anyone?

I suppose you could. I’d rather use something like Titan Green Quart for that kind of cleaning issue.

I carry a heat gun on the truck for window film, heat it up and it peels right off, glue and all

Thanks for your advice. Question, can Titan Green remove silicone and does it have a awful smell like Oil-flo?

A heat gun huh? It seems as thought that would be time consuming. Can you shoot me a pic of the heat gun and a brief discription on how you heat the film up?