Use of the word "SoftWash" in the New Orleans Pressure Washing Class curriculum

I have been informed that AC Lockyer has exclusive rights to the word “SoftWash”. The New Orleans PW Class will therefore teach, as part of the course, “soft washing” using pressure washers, 12v pumps, and air-powered pumps not “SoftWashing” which is exclusve to AC.

My apologies for any confusion.

Thad is this some sort of power struggle…?

How you doing …Hope your doing well and will have a good New Year !

Say why not “Sweet Wash”


Is this trademarked or something he really made legal, or just a claim that he “has the rights”? Anyone seen paperwork?

To the moderators: If my opinion of AC being (colorful description removed) is against forum rules please delete or edit my post.

I’d like to see the trademark.

Is this for real, Thad, or some sort of joke?

I’m neither disputing nor confirming the trademark claim.
This is just a CYA announcement and I’m not going any further into it.

Not a joke.

It’s no joke, Michael. I received notification from AC that he owns the rights to SoftWash and to SoftWash Systems. He then asked me to change all the ads. That may take me a while.

Well that definitely affects my opinion of Mr. Lockyer…

Sorry for the pain in the butt that’s gonna be, Micah! Hope you don’t have to re-print any binder materials or anything.

Your insight always amazes me, my friend. Call me sometime next week, sorry I haven’t had a chance to reply to you. But season’s slowed down now, so I’m game when you are.

This is ridiculous. This is just like ABC trademarking “waterfed”. I’m going to start trademarking terms like “lawnmower” and “automatic” and go around bullying anyone else who uses them. Btw, a Google search for “softwash” pulled 637,000 results. I hope he doesn’t have much on his plate.

[SIZE=“3”]Howdy Yawl ![/SIZE]

I’m going to trade mark the name Bull-Ring because it’s my design ! LOL…


Sure Mike I’ll call you this week…I can’t help the insight Bro…I’m just a “Son of Ettore” !


You crack me up Dange.

If AC really is serious about this, he better hire someone to go thru and call everyone who is using this terminology. Just google Soft wash pressure washing and you’ll find pages. I doubt but a small portion of these bought his pricey set-up.

I haven’t bought my equipment yet, but this will probably detour me from buying anything he has to sell.

Don’t buy anything until you check out the new Fatboy Bandit we’re gonna have at NOLA 2012.

As was already stated I too immediately thought of CW from CBA and his attempt to copy write a common industry term. I’ve heard the term softwash used far longer than I even knew AC existed. This is strange.

And lame.

can we get one of those through WCR?

It may just be coincidental, but I dreamt I was eaten by a redfish last night.

Don’t worry. I got him for you, Llarry.
We were having a great drift catching speckled trout one after the other until this nasty, botton-feeding piece of trash showed up and ruined everything for about half an hour.

I would love to hear Tim Aselton’s view on this. He has owned for as long as I can remember. Thad, just call it what it is. Low Pressure Cleaning.

Best statement thus far.